A new airline scheduled to take off in the US fully expects its passengers to behave like animals.

On Pet Airways, of Delray Beach, Florida, all pets travel in the main cabin and owners are not allowed on board – not even in the cargo hold. The airline claims to be the first designed specifically for the safe and comfortable transportation of pets.travel_dog

Company founders Dan Wiesel and Alysa Binder say they got the idea while planning holidays with their pet dog. “Currently, most pets travelling by air are transported in the cargo hold and are handled as baggage,” said Mr Wiesel.

“The experience is frightening to the pets, and can cause severe emotional and physical harm, even death. This is not what most pet owners want to subject their pets to, but they have had no other choice, until now.” Pets – or pawsengers, as the airline calls them – can be booked in online and are checked in to a Pet Lounge at the airport.

Pet attendants give the animals a “potty break” shortly before take-off and then monitor the animals during the flight.

Owners – or Pet Parents – can follow their travel progress using an online “pet tracker”.

On its website, the airline promises never to leave a pet alone adding: “A pet attendant will always be within a cat’s meow.”

At least they can’t complain about being treated like a dog…and I’ll bet the food’s better!

  1. orangetiki says:

    LOL this company is going to close faster than a open knitting workshop in the middle of the ghetto.

  2. Stu Mulne says:

    Seems extravagant, and maybe it is, but it does beat paying full fare for a dog, or taking a chance on the cargo hold….

    (My dog arrived in this state as carry-on luggage. My daughter did declare him, though. At about 5#, he rode quite well in a cat carrier. Lots of puppy petting on the flight, though, as she sort of ignored the “don’t take him out” rule…. He’s 23# now, but thinks he’s a 200# Rott.)

    My BIL, btw, runs one of several “funeral homes for pets” in the country. This only sounds nuts until you figure on paying the Vet $50-$100 for “disposal”…. $100-$300 starts looking fairly good. I wish we’d had that service locally twice in the last 30 years….

    There might be some money in putting a “doggie seat” in the middle of some rows, but even with a substantial discount, that might be out of reach for many.

  3. Jägermeister says:

    Fly with Pet Airways… Get fleas for FREE!!

    • Stephanie says:

      All pet owners should keep their pets on Flea and
      Heart worm preventatives…DA! Maybe you could
      Cut back on some Jäger and purchase some for your
      Pet(s) too

  4. John Paradox says:

    Huh.. odd I should see this just after watching Snakes On A Plane.


  5. Poppa Boner says:

    My dog would want first class.

  6. Gasbag says:

    Only when pigs will fly!

  7. Glenn E. says:

    Something is perversely wrong with the USofA, when even during the near economic ruin, we’re currently experiencing, some people down in posh Floridah still have loads of cash to blow on their pets’ airplane rides. All I can say is that they better watch themselves. Or some of these pet flights might get highjacked to a third world country, where they eat dogs. Or maybe hold them for ransom. And I can just see the FBI springing into action to rescue Fido from the dognappers.

  8. Eat dog meat says:

    ROFL on the country that eat dogs thing…….

    I thought this was going to be a great idea thinking it would be a big doggie park in the sky as they were flying, until I saw the red carpet and carriers. BFD. My dog pukes whenever I take him to the Oscarzzzz so this wouldn’t work.

  9. goalsurfer says:

    Hey, where can I drop my cat for a relax trip from Belgium to West Africa please right now? I just can’t put her such long time under a mountain of luggage! 25 € a day is me also too much to bring her to the asylum.


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