STROUDSBURG, Pa. (CBS 3) ― Two elderly sisters from Monroe County, Pennsylvania have been arrested for allegedly distributing drugs.

Elizabeth Marie Grube, 70, and her 65-year-old sister, Elaine Volkert, are facing drug charges after being arrested on April 14.

Investigators said they seized 400 bags of heroin with a street value of $8,000 and more than $2,000 from the home of Grube in the 1000 block of Ehler Street.

On the same day, a task force seized 988 bags of heroin with a street value of $20,000 and approximately $1,600 in cash from Volkert’s home also in the 1000 block of Ehler Street. Police also seized quantities of Oxycontin and marijuana during the search.

  1. bobbo says:

    Well good. We won’t live in a free and orderly society until everyone is in jail.

  2. AdmFubar says:

    hhmmm heroin and old lace…. sounds like a movie deal soon.

  3. BGY says:

    Looks like the two moon-shine sisters from Mayberry moved up to the hard stuff!

  4. Dave W says:

    Geez, you’d think in this economy that the government would be encouraging money making business enterprises…….

    After all, these two have done less harm to the national health than GM or Chrysler. :).

  5. Dallas says:

    White, female, old and it’s not crack. Their odds of getting a wrist slap is extremely high.

    Contrast the outcome if they were …Black, male, young and crack (instead of powdered heroin).

  6. Phydeau says:

    I keep on saying “Now I’ve Seen Everything” and I’m always wrong…

  7. Lou says:

    Good to see the old folks working.

  8. eyeofthetiger says:

    The USA pays the Turkey goverment billions of dollars a dear to grow poppies for pain meds. Also, hydroponic coca plants are grown in New Jersey for meds. 20,000 soldiers were sent to fight poppy growing trade in the Kush. The most used Marianna in the USA is not from Mexico. How about the tacos?

  9. Mr. Fusion says:

    #4, Dave,

    Before you get too wrapped up in their railroaded charges, remember that heroin is a gateway drug.

    Many heroin addicts go on to harder potions like Geritol and Gerber’s. Not to mention how many need to use Exlax and Metamusal. Much of it bought from no name manufacturers.

    Without heroin, do you think there would be so many people drinking Diet Pepsi? We should just legalize heroin once and for ever and forget all this crap.

  10. deowll says:

    I guess their S.S. checks weren’t covering all their bills.

    If they go to jail the government will pick up the tab at about $45,000 or more per year each which is a heck of lot more than they were getting.

    The one nice thing about life in prison for seniors is that you do get univeral health care and these people are at the point in their lives when health costs start to sky rocket.

    Anybody that thinks young blacks get treated worse than old whites is missing the main point. The poor go to prison more often and they get treated worse than the rich because the rich can afford better lawyers.

    It isn’t the color of your hide that matters its the size of your bank role.

  11. Named says:

    The big question… the one that no one asks anylonger…

    Was the smack any GOOD and PURE?

  12. Hugh Ripper says:

    Golden brown, texture like sun…

    Good to see the war on drugs proving its effectiveness time and time again.

  13. Hugh Ripper says:

    …and for those pointy heads who cry about the effectiveness of decriminalisation.,8599,1893946,00.html

    (link from latest NA show notes)

  14. OvenMaster says:

    Geez, so much for entrepreneurship. The gov’t will do anything to keep the elderly poor and reliant on Social Security and handouts, it seems.


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