1. BubbaRay says:

    Depends on whether or not it’s a popularity contest — wait a minute! It’s terror!

    I certainly miss Kurt, a master of writing.

  2. Thermo says:

    Well at least I know Obama’s classmates, who were doing cocaine with him, are as scared as I am.

  3. Micromike says:

    That’s what we had under Bush. Our (Baby Boomers) drunken class mates running the world and they really f*cked it up. The Obama generation can’t do any worse.

    In any case, somebody’s class is always running things and Kurt made a great observation.

  4. Jägermeister says:

    #2 – Thermo

    Get off your drugs and you’ll be fine.

  5. PierreB says:

    and so it goes – po te weet …

  6. Mr. Fusion says:

    #1, Bubba,

    And Terry Southern. Geeze I feel old thinking of how these guys died of old age.

  7. Toxic Asshead says:

    I knew a lot of folks like Barry. Depressing is a better word than terror. Live for today, there isn’t going to be a tomorrow worth living for.

  8. contempt says:

    #3 Micromike
    >>The Obama generation can’t do any worse.

    Pretty bold statement considering our present administration is in denial about even being in a war and recognizing terrorist who will soon have nuclear weapons.

    Yes, it is safe to say that the Obama’s generation can do worse.

  9. OvenMaster says:

    Kurt got it right.

    When I was in high school, one of the stupidest and laziest “students” that I ever knew excelled in only one thing: baseball. Other than that, he was a straight-D student for four years.

    He’s now on my City Council… and still acting like a putz! How he keeps getting re-elected every two years is beyond my understanding.

  10. Jägermeister says:

    #9 – OvenMaster

    I’m sure he had one more talent… a smooth mouth. Smooth talkers has a tendency of being promoted/get elected in dysfunctional organizations, such as the government.

  11. Faxon says:

    Har har. I started going off the deep end when this guy got elected because, among his many other faults, he is younger than me. This means I am no longer relevant. Hence, I am now doing exactly what I feel like. EXACTLY.

  12. That is a truly scary thought. I’m going to have severe nightmares now.

    Oh … and … I love Vonnegut!! I think he was even more misanthropic than I am.

    I don’t remember the exact wording in Galapagos. However, if memory serves me, he pointed out that humans have exactly the wrong sized brain. With larger brains, we might be smart enough not to get into all of this trouble. With smaller brains, we wouldn’t be able to get into so much trouble.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Dear Kurt:

    What do you mean “wake up”? Humanity must first overcome it’s serious lack of intelligence. Then we need to collectively gain a lot more empathy for each other since not having either a heart or a brain is probably worse than being in a coma.

    As for me, I think I’d actually prefer most of MY high school class mates – even the “stupid” ones (like me)! Then again, MY high school actually focused on teaching us something when I was there rather than operate a state regulated bureaucratic day care.

    But I digress since most people don’t care if you even went to high school. People like employers and VOTERS!

    (P.T. Barnum was right! And I bet even HE didn’t realize just how right he was!)

  14. liltomatobirdy says:

    Yeah! Thinking about it — wasn’t it kind of a waste of a lot of lives–to stick so many of us in our adolescent years together, with the few adults around limited to interactions that were possible. It might be hard for adults to be around high school students–but then they designed the school system that sets us up with the cattle herding numbers.

    I’m sure a lot of us could have been happier with more of a mentoring situation, especially people who didn’t find that at home.


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