Conservative religious groups are criticizing President Obama for what the Associated Press called his “muted” observance of National Prayer Day Thursday. “At this time in our country’s history, we would hope our President would recognize more fully the importance of prayer,” said Shirley Dobson, chairwoman of National Day of Prayer Task Force, which organizes the prayer day festivities. The Family Research Council said Obama’s decision to not have a big White House prayer event constituted a “de-emphasis on prayer.”

Also a de-emphasis on silly walks.

I think this is actually a case of religious conservatives having cut off their noses to spite their faces. Putting aside for a moment the question of whether it’s appropriate for the White House to be involved in encouraging prayer, this particular occasion has evolved in a way that almost guaranteed its demise.

The Bush White House had National Prayer Day run by a conservative, evangelistic Christian group. The mission statement on the Task Force’s Web site states that “in accordance with Biblical truth,” the Task Force seeks to, among other things:

“Foster unity within the Christian Church”
“Publicize and preserve America’s Christian Heritage”
“Glorify the Lord in word and deed”

The event became a showcase for religious conservative Christians to lead the nation in prayer…

Eight years of public butt-kissing doesn’t make ritual and superstition automatically part of the Constitution.

  1. #130 – MistaBobbolina

    >>Hi-Ho-Paddy-OOOOoooo==Why not blame war on
    >>sauerkraut or vodka?????

    As part of my new program, sticking up for Paddy-Rambo, allow me to answer that question.

    He doesn’t blame it on sauerkraut or vodka, because those who eat sauerkraut or drink vodka generally do not view those who eat cole slaw or drink rum as morally inferior, intellectually challenged, and dishonest. At least not to the extent that they’re willing to slaughter 10′s of millions of them.

    That’s generally not the case with militant atheist evangelizers, who often view those whose spiritual beliefs differ from their own to be a problem, whose only solution is The Final Solution.

    All too often, in the kingdom of the militant atheist evangelizers, life is cheap. Dirt cheap.

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    Mustard & Scott,

    Captain Mosey was given ten tablets of stone with the “I really wish you didn’ts”. Only he dropped two so we’ll never know what “didn’t” we are afoul of. Or not.

    The general theme seems to be, If your ass puckers when someone does it, then turn your back and ignore them. It just ain’t none of your effen business in the first place.