1. Hugh Ripper says:

    #90 I think you’ll find that for Republican politicians, a ‘fisher of men’ means something entirely different. 😉

  2. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    #90 Jeff wrote “Christianity is not comparable to Wahabbist Islam. To suggest something like this shows your ignorance.”

    The confusion probably comes from the fact that Christians worship the Jewish demon Yahweh, who suspended the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” so that the Israelites could slaughter men, women, and innocent children in pursuit of ethnically cleansing the Promised Land. If you could illuminate us as to why you should not be associated in any way with those evil acts even though you worship and praise the god responsible, many of us would be all ears.

    Hello, Jeff, we’re listening…

  3. Thom says:

    #90. Jeff- Hey Idiot, do you have ANY clue how many innocent Iraqis, Afghan, and now Pakistani women and children have been killed since 9/11, under the guise of “collateral damage”. The Iraqis had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. It’s been in the papers, CAN YOU FUCKING READ.

    To suggest something like this shows your ignorance. Wake up asswipe.

  4. #90 – Jeff,

    Some of the comments on this board are downright disgusting, comparing Christians to the evil monsters that killed over 3,000 innocent people on 9/11. When he talks about hunting people for Jesus he is talking about being a fisher of men (John 21:1-17).
    Christianity is not comparable to Wahabbist Islam. To suggest something like this shows your ignorance.

    Umm … IRA? Clinic bombings and doctor shootings? Inquisitions? Crusades? Really?

    I’m not so sure. Perhaps Christians are a tad different in magnitude at this particular point in time, but certainly not different in kind.

  5. 888 says:

    Leave IRA out of it. Or add British Army.

    and stick to the times you can actually remember yourself, inquisitions and crusades were almost as long ago as Prophet Fuckhammad give or take few centuries (who cares)

  6. #95 – 888,

    What an incredibly intelligent and well thought out post. Clearly, you have given this a lot of thought. </sarcasm>

    Exactly why should we leave out a Christian war of Catholics vs. Protestants complete with terrorism and bombs exploded in populated areas? This is well within my memory and probably yours, unless you are too young to remember 1996.


    And perhaps even too young to remember 2001


    I note you have no comment about clinic bombings and doctor shootings, more contemporary Christian terrorism.

    Yes, clearly Christianity is fundamentally different than Islam. Sure it is.

    The Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion is singular. Some flavors are worse than others at various times in history. However, the basic tenets of the belief in a desert war god/spoiled child in the sky are the same.

    This religion, with nearly half the world’s population subscribing to some flavor of it, is a xenophobic and violent mass psychosis.

  7. davefc says:

    I really don’t care if your god exists or not. I won’t serve something as evil as the christian god. If it has the power to send me to hell then fine, send me to where all the good people are, instead of the blind, the trivial – followers willing to kill and abuse to benefit their own after life, the people who serve no one and nothing but their own ego and superstition. That’s simply weak, and base, and low. I won’t serve or pray to that evil filth under any circumstance. I’m a good person – I care about the innocent, the weak, the poor, and I don’t need some silly patchwork of a fictional book to back it up, nor the knowledge than millions of imbeciles agree with me. The christian god is, by it’s own accounts in it’s own works, a vain, corrupt, amoral, lying, brutal force, and personally I think the true test is to be faced with that choice: serve something evil that might benefit you alone, or deny it and become a higher force of true righteousness. I can’t wait to meet your god. I really can’t. Because it’s nothing to fear – shit growing cold in the bowl. Of that I am absolutely sure.


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