Two Calgary teenagers have been handed absolute discharges in an assault on a classmate on so-called ‘Kick a Ginger Day.’

Judge Lynn Cook-Stanhope said on Friday she was satisfied the teenagers had taken responsibility for their actions, and she saved her scathing remarks for the animated television show South Park, which she called a “vulgar, socially irreverent program that contributes nothing to society.” Unfortunately, the writers and producers of the show will never be called to account for encouraging such action, the judge added.

The charges stemmed from an attack on a red-headed Grade 10 boy in the locker room of St. Francis High School after gym class. The locker room assault happened on Nov. 20, which was promoted by a Facebook group as Kick a Ginger Day. The Facebook group urged members to kick people with red hair — referred to as ginger kids. The group was likely inspired by a South Park episode from 2005 focusing on one character’s hateful attitude toward redheads.

At least three Calgary schools reported attacks that day on red-headed students.

At St. Francis High School, police were asked to investigate rumours of a locker-room swarming, and 13 students were suspended. Two 15-year-old boys were charged with one count each of assault and pleaded guilty in youth court. They can’t be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. On Friday, Cook-Stanhope said that since the assault, one of the teenagers has done community service, while the other made a donation to a youth club. Both have written letters of apology to the victim, who she said is still dealing with the aftermath of the assault.

Hah! Stupid Judge, everybody knows “Kick a Ginger Day” is November 28th!

  1. Obmulap says:

    So if the judge wants to blame this on the South Park episode that aired 4 years ago then obviously these “kids” were planning this for a long time and should also be brought up on conspiracy charges.

    Also if your children are mimicking something that happened on a cartoon then your parenting skills are lacking. Why not make them watch Road Runner cartoons and see if they’ll strap a rocket to their a**es, jump off a cliff or drop an anvil on each others heads.

  2. yoda7777 says:

    Gingers have no souls. Look at the one in the above picture. Can you blame anyone for not wanting giving him/her a kick?

    Good thing I’m not the judge. I would have fell right on the floor laughing the same way i did when I heard the news story. Quite hilarious.

    • you are stupid says:

      You sir, are stupid. I still don’t understand why people say gingers don’t have souls. They have a lot more soul than you. Idiot.

  3. TheReaper says:

    Anyone who says a ginger doesn’t have a soul is clearly overcompensating for something they lack themselves. I have red hair and I am not a ginger, nor do I let anyone get away with calling me that. Anyone trying to give me grief for something that I can’t change has usually met a few ‘friends’ that i always have and its safe to say I didn’t have issues with those creeps again.

    Have a nice day all you filthy minorities and your dozens of bastard children :)