(UPI) – MTV Monday announced plans to air a new reality series called “16 & Pregnant,” which will document the true stories of several pregnant teens.

The series is slated to debut June 11 and will be comprised of six one-hour episodes, the network said.images

“MTV has a long history of reflecting the lives of our viewers with compelling reality stories,” Tony DiSanto, MTV’s president of programming, said in a statement. “’16 & Pregnant’ follows the journey of six young women going through an immensely life-changing experience at such a young age. Each episode tells a new, unique story and shows the real-life challenges they face from dealing with family and friends to school and finances as new mothers. This is the real secret life of an American teenager.”

“Given that the teen birth rate is on the rise for the first time in a generation, MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant’ is extremely timely,” added Sarah Brown, chief executive officer of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. “We applaud MTV for using their unique and compelling style of storytelling to bring this important programming to their devoted audience. The show provides an honest portrayal of the challenges of too-early pregnancy and parenthood. The stories in ’16 & Pregnant’ are full of hope, heartbreak, and real-life consequences and should be a must viewing for teens nationwide.”

As in all MTV programming, I am certain this will be done in good taste.

  1. ArianeB says:

    Wow, Alfred1 is completely off his rocker.

    Almost everything he has said above is the exact opposite of truth.

  2. t0llyb0ng says:

    change there lives sb their

    there depth to society sb their debt

    kids who’s parents sb whose

    Lay eggs like those & ya got no credibility, bro.

    Like guys who write “definately.”

    What do you bet those silly, useless pregger bimbettes write like that too. & they don’t really want a damn baby—they just THINK they do.

  3. Sea Lawyer says:

    Putting aside cultural notions of 18 being the magical cut-off where a person is no long a child, why are people with brains shocked when a 16 year old gets pregnant when humans have clearly evolved to be able to produce offspring younger than that?

  4. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    Alfred: Loons cut off funding for abstinence programs because they had a high failure rate.

    Heh, intelligent people cut funding for abstinence-only programs because they’re an unequivocal and abysmal failure, compared to abstinence-based programs, who’s long-term success rate is significantly higher.

    Maybe you really are that dumb.

  5. Mr. Fusion says:

    My first thought was “Who watches MTV?” Then I started reading Alphie’s posts and knew right away.

  6. m.c. in l.v. says:

    MTV turned to crap once they stopped showing music videos and turned to all their so-called “reality” shows. They are only doing this to glorify teenage pregnancy, to sugar-coat its effects and not show it’s true impact on these girls’ lives. There’s been plenty of PBS documentaries and Afterschool Specials dealing with unwanted teen pregnancy so MTV is not doing this to educate the public in any way.

    On the other hand, at least Alfie will finally learn how babies are made and where they come from since he’s never been within spittin’ distance of an interested female.

    But his excitement and exuberance over pregnant 16-year-olds makes me believe that he’s either a) 16 himself or b) a pedophile.

  7. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    Alfred, your logic is, again, just astounding. Every point you’ve made is diametrically opposed to the facts.

    Is that what Christians in your house do all day….make up shit?

  8. Traaxx says:

    It’s a little disgusting to see someone either pregnant or fat with the half-blouse on and their stomach sticking out………

    Is this an attempt to keep teens from having children or an attempt to keep Americans from having children so we can be over run by the Muslims? Dhimmis unite!


  9. Alex says:

    # 51 Alfred1 said:

    “Pregnant moms…babies…are stimulus…

    “Every dollar given to them is spent on diapers etc…”

    Wow, clearly you have never met a pregnant teenage mom. These girls, by and large, do *not* think of their children first. That’s kind of the reason why they got pregnant in the first place. Well, rampant stupidity aside.

  10. Guyver says:

    More brainwashing on behalf of the Liberals and the Nanny State.

    I really wished ala carte programming were a reality. Aside from the fact that I would not be subsidizing someone else’s viewing habits, I could really vote with my wallet on specific channels.

    Whenever a channel does something stupid like this show or putting wrestling on the Sci-Fi channel, I could simply remove the channel until they shape up (if they ever do).

    But that day will never happen because that empowers consumers way too much.

  11. Mr. Fusion says:

    #50, Ayatollah,

    50 years of sex ed documents it doesn’t work…teen pregnancy has been multiples higher every year they taught it to kids, than every year prior to the program.

    Please show us some of this documentation where sex education doesn’t work.

    I’m a moonbat loon and proud of it.

  12. Carcarius says:

    The TV commercials for Hulu are more about MTV than they are about Hulu, IMO.

  13. Carcarius says:

    #36 – lol, wizard’s sleeve… hehe, nice.

  14. Patrick says:

    As a society, we’re screwed.

    School teachers rate top disciplinary problems
    * Talking out of turn
    * Chewing gum
    * Making noise
    * Running in the halls
    * Cutting in line
    * Dress-code violations
    * Littering
    * Drug abuse
    * Alcohol abuse
    * Pregnancy
    * Suicide
    * Rape
    * Robbery
    * Assault

  15. dawn says:

    I am so sick of you fake-azz wanna-be Christians who think every pregnancy should result in a baby! Religion is not a cafeteria stle buffett…you can pick and chose your sin of choice. What sins have you committed thise week? If they had premarital sex what is wrong wiht an abortion if it will improve thier lives. There are plenty of unwanted babies born from adults. Instead of pretneding that these girls lives wouldnt be better had they they been directed to have abortions by responsible adults instead of fame seeking money grubbing parents, we should be volunteering our time mentoring our youth.

  16. pbear says:


  17. WhitxWhitx says:

    wow you all are dumb.
    This show is to show what its like being a teen mom. And how hard it is. So it’ll scare you so maybe you won’t have sex or you’ll be more careful.
    Its just trying to show kids that they won’t ever want something like that at such a young age.
    After watching that show I’m definately not having sex til im older.

  18. Windowlickers Inc. says:

    #52/Pedro….Well said. It would seem you are one of the few sane people in here.

    #62/Dawn… Despite the fact that I am an abortion supporter, your argument is incredibly weak and you seem to be a complete moron who belongs on one of the MTV shows that I am sure you utterly adore. P.S. Learn to spell.

    And Finally, Alfred, my sweet Alfred, You truly are the epitome of a know it all, a true pseudo-intellectual. It is hilarious to watch someone think that they are so incredibly witty and smart when in fact, they are as dumb as a post. If you want to make an argument, don’t act like a radical, don’t add fancy words to make you look smarter, and most importantly, DON’T LIE.

  19. lovealy says:

    seriously, just because their preggy and still a teen doesnt it make them a slut. sure they had sex. they were most likely useing a condom or taking birth control and it failed. that does happen you know, or are you guys just too goddamned fucking ignorent and stupid to know that?

    their teens and their preggy so what. i find this show very educating in a way, because not only doe sit show what you have to go through during the pregnancy, but it shows you how hard it is to be a teen mom.

    this show is encouraging teen pregnancy at all. so get it out of your head that it is….

  20. kathleen says:

    hahahahhha.. wow.. i was pregnant once.. you guys are funny=)

  21. mommysince2006 says:

    do you people ever think before you speak? i was pregnant at 16 and now i have a 4 1/2 year old and i dont regret him for 1 second. and he is my number one priority-everytime me and his dad get our paycheck we get what our son needs first. and it doesnt make us sluts because we got pregnant at 16. the father of my son is the only guy ive ever been with and we’re still together so i think that means im not a slut. its just really offensive how you people can say stuff like that. yeah some young girls are stupid and shouldnt have gotten pregnant in the first place and end up being horrible mothers. but then theres people like me and others i know who are doing an amazing job at parenthood. what if someone said something like that to you? you have to put yourself in our situation. its called life and it happens and its not easy but it can be worked through. you people make me sick because you say “oh teen moms dont think of their children first”, well apparently your parents didnt teach you how to think before you say something that could really offend someone.

  22. jsidj says:

    If you like it you shoulda put a ring on it.
    But, it is better to fap it than later go to a clinic to drop it


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