Phoenix man killed in gun-safety demo | ® — Geez.

A 26-year-old Phoenix man accidentally killed himself early Sunday while explaining gun safety to two Sierra Vista residents.

Samuel Benally Jr. was at an apartment on West Tacoma Street when he said guns should be kept unloaded because people could point them at their heads, said Sierra Vista police Sgt. Brett Mitchell.

Benally then demonstrated by putting his own 9mm Ruger, which he believed to be unloaded, to his head and firing it, Mitchell said.

Found by Keith Ray.

  1. pwuk says:

    The ultimate price for the ultimate demo.

    Hopefully his pupils learned a lot!

  2. Benjamin says:

    I never had toy guns growing up, because guns are not toys. I am familiar with real guns and I always assume that a firearm is loaded. Before leaving the range, I safety the weapon and open the bolt. I will check to make sure that it is unloaded, but even then, I always assume it is loaded.

    The guy was an idiot who should not have been teaching gun safety. Well, those who can’t, I guess.

    I always wonder why cops are so quick to pull the gun and point it at people. (Watching COPS at lunch) It seems like that could quickly cause a similar incident. The gun could go off and accidentally kill someone he is merely trying to intimidate. Is there a documented case of this practice being fatal?

  3. Paul says:

    #9 I’m not sure if we know the answer because those stories don’t seem to support gun control.

    Sorry to hear about the dude. I really have no idea what he was thinking. The suicide plot sounds very plausible actually. However, it may have just been simple carelessness. Sad

  4. Sister Mary Hand Grenade of Quiet Reflection says:

    #32 said, “Hopefully his pupils learned a lot!”

    I think his pupils were probably blown out of his head.

  5. Barry says:


    Yes. It has happened.

    And, yes. There was video.

    [Please drop the WWW from URLs as WordPress doesn’t display it properly… plus it’s unnecessary. – ed.]

  6. Benjamin says:

    #36 I thought that guy did it on purpose. I was talking about careless use of firearms by police resulting in someone getting shot, not someone gunned down by a rouge officer because someone in handcuffs sassed him.

  7. Little Johnnie says:


  8. amodedoma says:

    Too many guns, too little common sense. Unfortunately gun accidents often kill children. Perhaps gun permmits should be a little bit harder to get.

  9. Glenn E. says:

    When you think about it, what good is an unload gun? So natch people tend to keep them loaded. Especially revolvers. Better to have autos, with the clips out, but handy. Not 100% foolproof, against accidents. But much better than keeping a fully loaded gun around. Let’s face it, the safest guns, are the ones you don’t own. And the problem with guns, is there really is no right way to pretend to shoot them. You either mean to kill something, or you DON’T PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER. It’s as simple as that.

  10. Babygirl says:

    Don’t play,demostrate with guns. Guns are used for protection and protection only! If you are not protecting someone or something,don’t pick it up!Life is to precious!God Bless!


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