House Democrat Alan Grayson vs Elizabeth Coleman, Inspector General of the Federal Reserve.

Incompetence, a little help for their friends or ???? Amazing.

  1. Whiskey man says:

    This is not incompetence, it’s planned people. Abolish the Federal Reserve….NOW!

  2. Patrick says:

    #34 Neither Bush or Obama have the chops needed to handle the real situation.

  3. LibertyLover says:

    #30, Interesting link. She’s been there through three (so far) administrations.

    Funny how everyone gripes about the “other” president’s administration but the FR just keeps on ticking with the same old people. I suspect she’ll be on the short list presented by the board to Obama in a few years as a possible chairman “appointee.”

  4. Buzz says:

    There is an art to asking a question in such a way that it presumes certain truths that have not been solidified.

    This guy is good at that. Most lawyers and congressmen are good at that. Just answer the question assumes that the details of the question describe things that have been established as real, reasonable or valid to begin with.

    The Earth is round. Everybody knows this. But Bloomberg says the horizon is completely flat. You can see this directly and you can hold up a perfectly straight ruler on a beach and prove it to your own eyes. So why haven’t you investigated how many degrees of curvature your view of the horizon actually produces? Just answer the question!

    Making points is not the same as finding truths. The battle here is points versus points, not questions seeking truth.

    And that shit has been going on in humanity since the beginning of speech.

  5. gooddebate says:

    Please, please, please, please, PLEASE put a bureaucrat in charge of my healthcare too. It will be so nice to not even care how much it costs. yea.

  6. Mr. Fusion says:

    #37, Buzz,

    The Earth is round. Everybody knows this.

    Everyone except Alphie.

    In fairness to Grayson though, his numbers came from a fairly reliable news source. Not only has he no reason to disbelieve those numbers, Inspector General Coleman didn’t correct him either.

  7. Cursor_ says:


    I was saying WE would do it.

    Not career politicians.

    I would go. I would LOVE to be involved with creating a new republic. Anyone else?


  8. AC_in_Mich says:

    Dang – all these responses and no mention of Jekyll Island.

    Even ignoring all of the conspiracy wackos, it should be a requirement to read some history about the inception of the Federal reserve.

    Unfortunately, we live in a nation of sheople, content to let the masters decide their course

  9. Patrick says:

    #41, I’m sure that all here who have mentioned the FED are aware of its history. I’m more concerned with those who are clueless as to its nature and the catastrophe it has caused with our economy.

  10. Li says:

    So, these trillions, on top of the 4 trillion that the NY FED lost, the 10 trillion or so DOD lost, and the several trillion that various cabinet departments have lost. . .you know, if we found all that money, it would be very helpful!

    What, exactly, could they be using that money for? Underground cities? A space fleet? Genetically engineered super hookers? What?!

  11. LibertyLover says:

    #40, One thing I surely don’t want is a constitution written to support mob interests.

    Personally, I think we just need to go back to the basics. They’re in the existing one. We need to have an honest look at what is meant by it instead of what loopholes exist to be exploited. Dreamland, I know.

  12. ECA says:

    43, and the missing funds from IRAQ, the missing funds and corruption from Hurricane damage in Louisiana.

    WE ARE THE MOB, and havnt been doing our JOBS, watching over OUR interests to make SURE things get done..

    Get your gun and lets go..

    For all the CUT, services over the last 12+ years, have taxes gone down??
    I thought it funny, that prices: food, beer, cigs, have all gone up during the wars.
    OIL was supposed to pay for the war, and we STILL borrowed money from China..

  13. Two to the Head says:

    #33 Palin is Alfred1’s wet dream… lol

  14. deowll says:

    $30,000 per person and they might has well have dumped it out of an airplane. They don’t even have a clue how much has been lost, stolen, or just misplaced to the degree nobody will ever locate it.

    Our government in action and no this is not Bush’s watch so don’t bother bringing him up.

    I would weep for my country and how poorly it being run but it wouldn’t help.

  15. Glenn E. says:

    Don’t blame just the DEMs for this mess. Most of it happened during Bush’s reign. And with the blessings of most of the GOP. All this proves is that party affiliation doesn’t matter. They are all willing to be bought (cheap) by special interests. And screw the taxpayers, in violation of their oath of office. Which I guess doesn’t count the same way as a military oath, I once took. No punishment for them. Because they keep the records, and shred them whenever its convenient to cover up for themselves.

  16. JimD says:

    Just like Doritos, the Fed says:

    “Don’t worry, we’ll make more!!!”

    Todays US Dollar is worth about a Nickel compared to the ’60s …

    What is your salary in ’60s dollars ?

  17. audion says:

    The money? It’s in my other pants…

  18. wumpus says:

    Stuffed Suit,”I’m sorry could you please repeat the question.”
    Upset Guy, “Where is our damn money?”
    “Oh, that money.. I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a trillion $ today.”

    Good thing I learned how to speak mandarin in college — time to cash in for some yen.

  19. ECA says:

    WELL, I know it in the 70’s was about $1.32, WHICH was good money.
    If you figure $0.10-$0.25 per comic.
    A paperback cost $0.75-$1.

  20. And she is still the inspector general of the federal reserve because why?????


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