A T-shirt has become one of the most popular items sold by online retailer Amazon in the past few weeks. Sales of the kitsch Three Wolf Moon T-shirt shot up 2,300% after a spate of ironic reviews went viral.

The first review gave the shirt five stars, saying it “Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women” but “cannot see wolves with arms crossed”. That prompted hundreds of others to post frivolous reviews, turning the page into an internet phenomenon.

“When I put this T-shirt on for the first time, my wife left me! Thank you, Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt,” wrote one wag, while another said that “the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt gave me a +10 resistance to energy attacks, +8 Strength… and I have successfully solved 7 crimes in my city”. Amazon’s senior manager of community content, Russell Dicker, said the T-shirt was currently the top selling item in their clothing store.

“The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt recently moved up 2,300% in sales rank,” he said. “We are grateful that our reviewers are so passionate.” However, the firm which actually makes the T-shirt appeared less than pleased at some of the comments.

“The Mountain is a wholesale company and does not sell shirts on Amazon, so this viral assault went under our radar until the shirt made it into the top 10 in the Amazon apparel section,” they said in a posting on the Amazon site. “We appreciate humour as much as the next company, but we don’t approve of some of the remarks.

“Not everyone can start out at the top and not everyone from our neck of the woods lives in a trailer or cruises Walmart to hook up.”

The sad part is I know people who would love this shirt. These are generally the same people who would wear Crocs. Har!
The comments on Amazon’s site are hilarious.

Found by Ian.

  1. Floyd says:

    Those shirts sell well at tourist shops in the West, actually.

  2. MikeR says:

    “We appreciate humour as much as the next company, but we don’t approve of some of the remarks.”

    Free advice to The Mountain: Shut up and enjoy the ride. It won’t last.

  3. Ian says:

    Didn’t I see John wearing one of these on Cranky Geeks?

    I wonder if he’s gotten any girls preggo yet?

  4. Dallas says:

    If they really want to sales to skyrocket, they can point out the image of “you know who”, on the moon just left of the sea of tranquility.

  5. madtruckman says:

    oh my… thank you for making my day!! i have been looking for this shirt F-O-R-E-V-E-R

  6. bobbo says:

    I like the shirt. Makes me think maybe by definition “all” tee shirts are cheesy. Did not see any fake reviews either–humorous thread is all.

    Relax. Life if short. Have fun.

  7. chuck says:

    If Chuck Norris wears this shirt it will cause the universe to explode. Again.

    But it’d be worth it.

  8. LibertyLover says:

    I had to buy a second one because when I wore the first one, my dogs all attacked me and tore it up.

  9. Ah_Yea says:

    Man, those comments are Hysterical!

    #4 Dallas, you’re right! Took me a moment, but now I know the great Obama shines down upon us all!

  10. Dave says:

    There was a link from that sent crazies there to review the shirt, that’s when it started.

  11. Pete says:

    ” These are generally the same people who would wear Crocs.”

    Hey.. I wear Crocs!

  12. went to DVak/blog and all I got was this lousy shirt. says:

    I love the way the 3rd wolf counterpoints the metaphor of the 1st damn Amazon did not run my review…This shirt has change my life increased my credit rating help me switch from brandy to tequila I got laid the first night a had it on I mean it its better than a Vegematic a Pocket Fisherman a Ginzu knife it’s even better than a smokeless ashtray, did I mention it’s made out of that Shamwow stuff? You have got to get one of these shirts. McCullough swears by em.

  13. Mr. Fusion says:

    #15, went,

    Sounds good, but are they stain resistant?

  14. ikelleigh says:

    I seem to remember hearing about this about a year ago.

  15. Named says:


    99% of the readers here don’t get it. Unfortunately, I am the 1% that does…

    *sadder than ever*

    But, Alfred1 always cheers me up with his incoherent, discordant and manic postings. God* Bless Him!

    *God = the pagan Roman God Jupiter.

  16. Greg Allen says:

    >> Named said, on May 21st, 2009 at 4:49 pm
    >> But, Alfred1 always cheers me up with his incoherent, discordant and manic postings. God* Bless Him!

    Somehow this has something to do with those damn liberals!

  17. bobbo says:

    Best link to Amazon I have seen in a long time. Gives me some kind of hope for America.

    Is that Elvis at the center of the moon?—I’m pretty sure.

  18. Ron Larson says:

    Ha! You also have to check out “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” for this shirt.

    I love the “How to Live with a Huge Penis: Advice, Meditations, and Wisdom for Men Who Have Too Much”.

  19. Grimbo says:

    Sorry, but I don’t think that this one will ever be surpassed!!!

    (For those not in the UK, Paul Ross is a Z list celebrity with a much more famous A-list celebrity brother!)

    My favourite review….

    I purchased this wonderous print almost 2 years ago & it means more to me than you can ever imagine.

    In fact I recently had a horrific house fire & only had time to save 2 things – I chose this & one of the twins!


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