1. relazar says:

    More and more, cops make me think mob rule would be more civil and peaceful.

  2. Rick's Cafe says:

    Another cop beating up on an innocent by-stander … is what would have been said if there wasn’t video. Just another lottery winner wannabe (family, lawyers)looking for the easy government money via a lawsuit.

  3. noname says:

    #28 You are incorrect on point 3.
    1) There had been an incident.

    2) The clerk pointed out an innocent man.

    3) The innocent man ran.

    4)The innocent man stopped.

    5) The cop used excessive force to apprehend the innocent man.

    6) Everyone is denying responsibility.

    For #3 We don’t even know if the man was even aware of the incident, (as usual for the cops benefit, it’s assumed). We also don’t know if he was running from the incident, or had a totally innocent other reason like trying to catch a bus or something.

    He is in a comma now, so the cops/criminals will say anything and everything to justify their abuses.

    We do know he did stop. We may assume he had heard the cops identify themselves and that’s why he stop. Again cops total misread the innocent mans actions and used unnecessary and excessive force.

    The Sheriffs explanation is weak “When any of us come to work to begin our shift, we don’t plan on hurting anyone”. That can be said for Doctors, airline pilots … Yet we hold them accountable for their actions and decisions.

    Why don’t we hold cops accountable for their actions and decisions?

  4. John E. Quantum says:

    Cops are occasionally held liable for their wrongful actions. There was a PG County (DC suburb) police officer that shot and killed a delivery man that was repossessing the police officer’s furniture. He was found guilty and is now behind bars.

    Black people complained for years that they were being harrassed by police (DWB), but the majoity of white people took no action. Now that white people are being harrassed, it’s a different story.

    The incident was caught on tape and is only a few seconds long. It makes good fodder for blogs and news shows. The administrative discipline process will drag on for months and will probably not yield many good sound bites. In the end, justice may yet prevail, but you probably won’t read about it here.

  5. noname says:

    I for one would like to see what is more on the tape. Why the sudden stop in tape??

    Who knows if the cops continued to pound on the quy as he laid on the ground?

    With that kind of grievous head injury, the guy might of started convulsing. Of course convulsions to a cop would have been misread as resisting arrest, and thereby; the cop would legally justify himself to pound and pound the guy into submission or until the injured guy stopped dead.

    Again, I for one would like to see what is more on the tape.

    I am not inclined to give the cops the benefit of the doubt. They have abused this benefit of doubt and the public trust, too, too often.

    By with holding evidence (the rest of the tape) you give people the license to imagine what they will. I don’t imagine the cops taking the correct steps after this kind of grievous head injury, for this guy.

    Again, I for one would like to see what is more on the tape.

  6. Daniel says:

    Generally speaking I don’t trust the cops but I don’t see malicious intent or excessive force on the cops part in this video. Not saying it wasn’t there, but I don’t see anything conclusive.

    The kid ran from the cops.. that’s resisting arrest. I only see him slow down to turn around and then start to raise his hands out in front of him. If I were a cop and I was chasing someone as fast and as close as the cop in the video and the guy did that I would probably have done the same thing. It was an unfortunate outcome but the cops actions were not unjustifiable.

    That being said, a lot of cops are complete dicks. There are some good ones out there, but most take the tack that people are guilty of something they just need to figure out what. If they treated the average citizen with more respect instead of a suspect you’d have less incidents all the way around.

  7. noname says:

    This cop was not chasing the kid from behind. The kid was not running out in front, ahead of the cops. If he had, maybe the kid’s head would not have hit the wall.

    The cop hit the kid in the front left shoulder. The cop did not hit the kid in the back, which he would have if he as trying to catch up from behind. The hit was so forceful that both of his feet left the ground. In fact the kids feet where higher then his head when his left should back hit the ground first. This drove his head into the wall.

    Basically what this cop did was equivalent to some kid diving into a pool with no water.

    No threats where made to the cop. The cops life was never in danger. The cop used the type of force that would be required if the cop was in danger. This was not the case.

    Intent to kill or not, this cop should be responsible for his decisions and actions. If not, heaven help us all when we innocently encounter the police.

    Who serves who? Do taxpayers serve the police state or do the police serve the community? Is this how you want your kids treated by police?? Could and should the police have handled this better??

  8. Zybch says:

    #36 – You DON’T think the cop used excessive force?
    What the FUCK would you classify as excessive force then? A fucking cruise missile being fired up someones ass?

  9. noname says:

    Again, I for one would like to see what is more on the tape.

    Did this cop Hi-Five his fellow officers after experiencing a adrenaline high for his most effective teenager take down?

    Did this cop continue to beat on the Kid because the kid started convulsing after the traumatic brain injury?

    Did the cops delay in getting this Kid medical treatment? Recall how the recent death of the actress from Quebec ski injury could have been easily avoided had she got immediate medical attention.

    So, So many questions this Cop should have to answer to the public after this stupid excessive force stunt he did on a teenager.

  10. tripnok says:

    that idiot cop should have a forced lobotomy while hes awake. or better yet on his wife so he can know what it feels like to have something like a spouse taken away by some dumb ass fat fuck.


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