1. RobRites says:

    Maybe you guys could find a story on “Bing” the search engine that is getting great reviews despite the fact that no one can access it…

  2. TheMadNovelist says:

    Frisbee training!

  3. Joe Dirt says:

    #1…funniest comment I’ve seen on this site in a long time but shhhhhh keep it quiet….dvorak secretly works for M$.

  4. bill says:

    I was thinking of getting a Border Collie! but, it”s obvious that I couldn’t keep up with one!!!

  5. ran6110 says:


    I’ll bet the cat is running the camera…

  6. BubbaRay says:

    $4, bill, keep up with it? Heck the dog would have me trained in short order.

  7. I bet this video will be taken down due to copyright violations of the Beatles song playing in the background…


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