Could you be dumber than a chimp? That’s not as daft a question as it once was. After all, science has proved that chimpanzees share 99 per cent of our DNA.

They can learn sign language. They can solve puzzles and even make tools. And this week came the most startling discovery of all.

Researchers in Japan have pitted human adults against five-year-old chimpanzees in a test of mental agility and memory – and the chimps won. In a test of short-term memory involving numbers flashed on a computer screen, the apes comfortably beat their human opponents. This astonishing result, published in the journal Current Biology, shows that in at least some respects our position at the top of the intellectual tree may be a bit shakier than we thought.

So what is going on here? Are chimps really brighter than us, even in this sort of memory test? And if so, what does this mean for the way that we treat them? After all, how could it be right to lock up creatures more intelligent than ourselves in zoos or laboratories? Most uncomfortably of all, can it be right to kill and eat creatures which may be less bright than ourselves but may nevertheless be fully sentient beings? In fact, the more science discovers about the animal mind, the less comfortable, philosophically, the findings become.
Apes are not people: they cannot build cathedrals, travel into space or find cures for diseases – but then again, nor can most humans.

What the Japanese research does prove is that once again, a new and hitherto unsuspected ability has been unearthed in animals.

What would you tell Darwin if you could meet him?

  1. right says:

    As I’ve said before, Alfred can’t prove his way out of a paper bag.
    I read a comment the other day that could easily have been directed at him: He surprises us by walking upright.

    Ok, Alphie, give us proof, other than that piece of fiction you spew, that there was a resurrection of Christ. Anything!

    Ah….you can’t can you?

    One thing I wish was true (but isn’t) about your snake oil religion, though, is this Rapture thing. Sure wish that would happen so all of you would leave us alone in peace, rationality and tranquility.

  2. Ishmael says:

    Hey Alfredo, the truth is here at this site:

    (it’s safe)

  3. right says:

    #88 Your repeated denials prove that you have no facts to support your woo hoo religion but you still cling to them like a security blanket.

    I wonder what you’ll do when you wake up to the real world, because you will one day. You will see the light and you will be converted to atheism.
    It will be interesting, and fun, to watch you implode.
    Alfred1, an atheist and now living among the living.

  4. right says:

    Once you become an atheist you’ll have access to millions of updated books you can quote.
    Your books may be free but haven’t been updated for how long? Hmmmm…

  5. soundwash says:

    -intelligence is relative-

    sad thing is, our current sciences are no better than the religions in that much of what we hold as true, is based on unproven theories. -much like the god/religion argument..

    how intelligent can man be if he
    made a conscious effort to deceive
    his fellow men in the ways of nature
    and “true” science so that he may profit on their blood and sweat to acquire things which are of no use to his survival(sustenance)?

    if you take your typical “intelligent”
    city dwelling finical guru who has
    “squillions of dollars” -a penthouse apartment and a house in the Hamptons,
    which proves he knows how to use his uber intelligence in respect to his society’s designs…

    if you stripped him/her naked and threw’em in the middle of the jungle
    with the Ape, the butterflies and the rodents..

    just how long do you think he would survive, if at all?

    current “modern” man is no more intellegent than a rock when it comes to survival.

    -imo, those who can live on the land with no electricity or “modern creature comforts” are far more intelligent than the likes of (me)
    or those who live in skyscrapers and dissect man’s genome for a living..

    “modern” Homo Sapiens are nothing more than the result of some Alien’s genetic experiment gone wrong (for this planet).

    we do not “fit” in any way, with the rest of the living entities on Earth.

    hence the reason why we are loath to find “the missing link” -if only because we have been lead to ignore the obvious..



  6. soundwash says:


    you rant as bad as the rest of us..
    stop leading yourself astray..

    We are made of energy. so far as we have observed, energy is never destroyed, only changed..

    it matters not what(or who) you believe..

    when you cease to function, the energy which makes up your soul (or spirit) will be released from it’s current matrix and move onto a
    freer form..

    -unbound from all the silly restrictions the mind, body (and Good Book) of man has imposed on it..

    -put that in your pipe and smoke it. 😀


  7. Mr. Fusion says:


    You did not dispute any point I made in #80. All you did was deny them. Denial is not a proof. Quoting the very people that had the most to gain from stealing Jesus’ body as proof they didn’t do it won’t convince many people.

    Face it, you won. You have won the Idiot of the Year Award, given every year to the Idiot most apt to prove by general consensus to be the biggest fool around.

  8. soundwash says:

    hey Alfred1:

    -just make sure you don’t drop to your knees at the first signs of resurrection or rapture you see..

    the government has been planning on capitalizing on your beliefs and the events of The Good Book for some 40-50 years.

    google “Operation Blue Beam tinwiki”

    have happy resurrection 🙂


  9. right says:

    Damn, I can’t just leave this crap from Alfred go:

    “The incontrovertible fact of Christ’s resurrection is an overwhelming mass of irrefutable evidence God exists.”

    Prove this happened from any other book than a religious one.
    You are delusional and I think something in your childhood made you search for answers. Were you abused? I would think so.

  10. Mr. Fusion says:

    #96, Alphie,

    Its absurd…they could not be fooled…the would not conspired to die, they would not remove the body and then be beheaded for not confessing that…they would not pick the wrong tomb.

    How do you know for sure? All you are doing is quoting someone else who wasn’t even there.

    Saying he wouldn’t lie because he is using god’s word doesn’t prove the existence of a god or even an event.

    Now, big question for you. Why would god need to move the boulder blocking the entrance? Surely in his all encompassing power, he could have whisked Jesus out through the walls without moving the boulder. God wouldn’t need his corporeal body when the soul is already in heaven.

    We all think you are a real winner. And not the kind of winner that gets a prize. If you really want to win please use some evidence that may be verified.

    Good luck.

  11. qb says:

    Alfred1 said “If you are wrong, you lose everything…eternity in paradise…”

    Cool, religion has come down to a first year prisoner’s dilemma lecture from gay, pot smoking, liberal arts prof.

  12. right says:

    Nah, we have commenter who has lost a grip on reality, sad case really.
    An abused kid, I’m guessing, who found a sanctuary in woo hoo religion and is spewing the hate so frequently found in these cases.
    The overriding example is when a person constantly cites/quotes examples from the scriptures.

    We know these quotes are fiction but the person is so oblivious to the real world that they do not care.
    The only problem for us is that if they kept their beliefs to themselves we, the normal people, wouldn’t mind so much.
    However, when they spew this crap to try to convert rational people to the irrational world of their making it’s too much. We have to stand up and counter their delusions. Even ones who claim to have been atheists at one time and were reborn. As we all know, the are the worst of the worst.

  13. Mr. Fusion says:

    #102, Alphie,

    All of that means, Alfred WON!

    No it doesn’t but you are a fucking winner.

  14. qb says:

    #103 Actually I thought alfie won. He proved that humans are not smarter than a chimp. Especially the chimps that wear tuxedos, smoke cigars, and drive little cars.


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