Poultry was the most commonly identified source of food poisoning in the United States in 2006, followed by leafy vegetables and fruits and nuts, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

After a concerted campaign by the federal Department of Agriculture to improve the safety of chickens, the number of people sickened by contaminated poultry in 2006 declined compared with an average of the previous five years, according to C.D.C. researchers.

But problems persist. Most of the poultry-related illnesses, the centers found, were associated with Clostridium perfringens, a bacterium that commonly causes abdominal cramping and diarrhea usually within 10 to 12 hours after ingestion. The spores from this bacterium often survive cooking, so keeping poultry meat at temperatures low enough to prevent contamination during processing and storage is critical.

Researchers counted leafy vegetables, fungi, root vegetables, sprouts and vegetables from vines or stalks as separate categories. Caroline Smith DeWaal, director of food safety at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, an advocacy group, noted that if all of the produce categories were combined, outbreaks associated with vegetables would have far exceeded those in poultry…

While poultry is the most common source of illnesses among the 17 different foods tracked by federal officials, the C.D.C. found that two-thirds of all food-related illnesses traced to a lone ingredient were caused by viruses, which are often added to food by restaurant workers who fail to wash their hands. Such viruses often cause what many people refer to as a “stomach flu,” one to two days of nausea and vomiting that is unrelated to the flu virus.

Salmonella, the bacteria found in nationwide outbreaks of contaminated peanut butter, spinach and tomatoes, was the second-leading cause of sole-source food illnesses, the centers found.

I guess I’ll stick with hamburgers…

  1. gmknobl says:

    Sorry, our number one source is corporate agriculture.  Is there any mention of how some nations have removed salmonella as a hazard from their poultry population?  No.  Do they have large megaconglomerates running their chicken farms ?  No.  By the way, the picture you have up is NOT what it looks like inside a Purdue or any other chicken factory.
    And, yes.  You can thank the Nixon admin for making changes to our system of agriculture that resulted in this problem.  Just another problem conservatives have stuck this nation with.

  2. LibertyLover says:

    — I guess I’ll stick with hamburgers…

    … and my own backyard garden.

  3. raintrees says:

    In order to avoid food poisoning, please stop eating food. 🙂
    This is like George Carlin’s routine, the “Surgeon General has determined that saliva is hazardous to your health, but only in small amounts over a long period of time”.
    I think puntuation is a little funky today, no?,

  4. Hmeyers says:

    #1 you are a retard
    Do you think we have a lower or higher percentage of food poisoning in countries with corporate agriculture versus the third world?
    Let me tell ya, it ain’t even close.  Not by a loooong shot.
    Visit a third world country sometime.  k thx bye

  5. sargassso says:

    Should be titled, “Food Service Workers are the Leading Cause of All Food Poisoning”. Watch Fight Club, some time.

  6. What Next ? says:

    What is left
    First it was red meat
    we at chicken
    now chicken is not good
    vegetables next
    give me a break

  7. soundwash says:

    lol…i think #3 has a good grasp on the issue..

    -otherwise, this is just another subtle hint to help promote adoption of the rules of the Codex Alimentarius nazi’s to go into effect on Dec 31 of this year.


  8. Angel H. Wong says:

    And that’s why you have to clean the cock before eating it 8)

  9. John Paradox says:

    Angel, you horny… okay, we all know the rest…;)

    “Eat your vegetables, son””but, MOOMMM….”

    Tastes like chicken… uh, oh.


  10. LibertyLover says:

    After a concerted campaign by the federal Department of Agriculture to improve the safety of chickens, the number of people sickened by contaminated poultry in 2006 declined compared with an average of the previous five years, according to C.D.C. researchers.

    Well, now we know the truth. This article is a lie. Everybody knows Bush’s policies made things worse, not better.

  11. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    Of course chicken is dangerous, but I’ll bet the stuff they serve at KFC is completely safe. I especially love how they often sculpt the pieces into shapes that suggest a chicken origin, and other times they go with a more free form nugget shape that lets your imagination soar. It’s brilliant. It’s a disgrace that Colonel Sanders was never promoted to General.

  12. Patrick says:

    Living is hazardous to your health.

  13. Hmeyers says:

    @13 “It’s a disgrace that Colonel Sanders was never promoted to General.”

    I’m gonna steal that joke to impress people in the real world!

    Thanks Gary!

  14. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    Hmeyers… So you thought I was joking? 😉

  15. amodedoma says:

    I guess they don’t consider E. Coli as food poisoning. Tons of ground beef got thrown away over the last year. The larger more globalized and industrialized your agriculture becomes, the larger and more globalized the health concern is. Best way to avoid trouble, don’t buy your meat or fresh produce at the supermarket, buy at the greengrocer or the buthcer. Farmers markets are the best.

  16. Two to the Head says:

    Chicken is number 1. Vegetables are number 2 because they are frequently fertilized with chicken shit, which is full of salmonella. MMMMMMMM. I haven’t eaten store bought meat in years and we try to grow as much of our own veggies as we can.

    Even the “organic” produce sold in stores is suspect because it often times comes from mega farms in California and Mexico

    Buy local and/or grow your own.

  17. Glenn E. says:

    I’m sick and tired of being made sick and tired by the food industry. Our gov. should tell the 18th century thinking “anti-Rad” lobby to go screw themselves. And enact incentives for food processing plants to Gamma Irradiate their products, to kill living pathogens. If these food purists really want their food totally natural (and potentially disease ridden). Let them by it from an organic co-op. But stop blocking all attempts to bring food safety into the 21th century. I’ll bet these screw looses do own microwave ovens either, for fear it changes something. Well we can’t all cook our meals in a damn huge brick oven. What kind of nut case thinks that’s better? Oh yeah, that woman who sells those books of hers.

    Of course such “back to the basics” authors can afford the time and expense of such Luddite food preparation, they’re millionaires. And probably have people to do all the other time consuming chores of their life, while they play at being stone-age cooks.

  18. Glenn E. says:

    I remember back in the 70s, a town I once lived near had this dairy farm that sold unpasteurized whole milk. For people who believed that it was somehow more healthier for them or their kids, to drink, than the pasteurized milk sold in the stores. But to pass state safety regs, the dairy had to keep all their cows well washed, and their milking stalls hospital clean and sterile. Which naturally made the milk cost a lot more. And probably dumped more cleansing chemicals into the local waste water system, than the general human population did.

    Anyway, I’ve not heard that this kind of milk is being sold anymore, with all the phony propaganda about its health benefits. I guess the belief about “natural” milk’s magic, has run its course. And no one has ever bitched about just how much most beer is processed, and demanded naturally brewed and aged beer, at twice the price.

    So how long is it going to take to dispel all the phony and unproven crap about how non-irradiated foods, taste better and are magically healthier (but they can’t explain the reasons why)? These charlatan authors are just out to exploit people’s scientific ignorance, and make a buck selling their bogus books. They don’t have to prove any of their claims. It just their so-called “expert opinion” on the topic. Meanwhile people get sick and die eating “natural” foods that were contaminated by animal waste, at some point.

    Oh yeah, that soooo much healthier eating, than food that’s had a couple seconds of high gamma exposure. Please make sure that all God’s little parasites remain alive in my hot dogs or cold chicken salad.

    Centuries ago, meats use to spoil on ships, because they had no practical means of refrigeration. Spices were primarily invented to cover the taste of spoiled meats. When meat finally started getting packed in ice, and shipped frozen solid, the spoilage problem was licked. Yet the spice trade survived, cooks experimenting with ways to use them to enhance food’s basic flavor. Nobody claimed the use of freezing, or the use of spices, was somehow unnatural to food, if it stopped people from being sickened by their food shipped from afar.

    So why should anyone now take these Luddites who oppose microwaving and gamma treatment of food, serious? I’m sure it’s because they are secretly being backed by the food processors who simply don’t want to change their production methods, and incur the added expense of equipping their plants with the needed machines. So industry sponsors these Spanish Inquisitioners of food, to oppose whatever they don’t understand as a safety improvement. And to lie about how any such methods, badly effects the food.


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