Geez, who said you cannot train cats to do tricks? Yow!

Found by Brandon Menc.

  1. Fluffy says:

    Humph. Those cats are a disgrace. No self respecting cat acts like a trained seal or even worse, a dog.

  2. ossobuco says:

    The final trick with the twirling fire stick was total bullshit. The stick was perfectly level as it was spinning, which should be impossible for an animal using all for limbs with no thumbs.

  3. Chocolim says:

    Shot that kid playing with the chair, please shot him

  4. Ho-Lip Tex says:

    # 11 Zybch:

    I tried to do that fire-stick thing with my cat, and after the bandages came off I look like Freddy Krueger.

    FTFY 😛

  5. Day Walters says:

    I’m no cat lover, but this was pretty good training (until the obviously gimmicked fire trick). But, did no one listen to the music? “The Caissons Go Rolling Along,” “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” “Shortnin’ Bread,” The Sailors Hornpipe,” and the William Tell “Overture,” to name a few international selections from the Russian Band. By coincidence, saw the State Circus in Moscow just last month; excellent acts and we were seated right next to the band, half way up the amphitheater. No cats,or bears; but horses, and lions and tigers, “oh my.”

  6. Rick's Cafe says:

    It never ends, the suffering Russian Aristocrats have to endure.

    Someday, with hope (and your donations) cats in Russia will be able to afford the quality staff that cats through out the rest of the world enjoy.

    Ya know, staff who won’t bother the aristo’cats’ with all this common, dog like drivel of doing tricks.

  7. brendal says:

    I’d much rather see a boat sinking in Amsterdam on Queens’ Day (ahem!!)… ;0)

  8. duddits says:

    #30 JVRudnick

    I have heard of that guy and a youtube or google search will return video I bet.

    That video is cute. My cats are trained. Not so much for tricks but to sit, stay, stop (Has the side effect of cat sitting. Must be a cat thing.) and fun fetch.
    duddits (aka fairuse, duddits-fairuse)


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