Geez, who said you cannot train cats to do tricks? Yow!

Found by Brandon Menc.

  1. McCullough says:

    John, prepare to catch hell.

  2. SparkyOne says:

    Yup, feed them fish and they will follow you anywhere.

  3. igor says:

    who did say that?
    these arent the most impressive tricks tho

  4. Shubee says:

    # 3. I don’t believe for a second that the cat at the end twirled that fire stick around with his feet. If a cat could really do that, it would be more impressive if they wouldn’t turn off the lights so quickly.

  5. Uncle Don says:

    Put those sea kittens back in the water!

  6. igor says:

    @4 HUH? u never been to circus or something? Bears do that, dogs etc. Whats so different about a cat? Its a show thats why lights out. Its not a magic show where illusionist hides his trick.

  7. rzwo says:

    Thanks for cancelling out all that PETA crap! Really, thanks. 😀

  8. brm says:

    At the end of the last trick they take some kind of tiny pole from the cat. Looks like it was resting on the cat’s belly, perpendicular to the fire stick.

    Probably some kind of helicopter device so the cat can spin the firestick while not actually ‘balancing’ it with its paws.

    It may be balancing that little pole, though.

    Still extremely impressive.

  9. brm says:

    Oh jeez, the ‘helicopter’ pole is on a strap that snaps to the sides of the box, holding the cat in place.

    Still, to get a cat that close to fire…

  10. Tanya says:

    Very cool, saw everything except the fire twirl live when the Moscow Cats Theatre was in NYC 🙂

  11. Zybch says:

    I tried to do that fire-stick thing with my cat, and after the bandages came off he looks like Mr. Bigglesworth.

  12. TheBlob says:

    Notice that each cat can do exactly one trick.

  13. chuck says:

    My cat can do all those tricks too.
    He just doesn’t want to.

  14. sargasso says:

    Not cats. Miniature Siberian tiger, product of superior Soviet scientific.

  15. Nimby says:

    Russians will pay for ANY entertainment.

    Where was the guy in the stands selling vodka?

  16. Improbus says:

    Those cats are obviously STATISTS. Since they are from Russia they are also probably STALINISTS.

  17. TheMaddog says:

    Cats were cool but would have been better if one attacked the little boy in the front row who wouldn’t stop opening and closing the seat next to him… crowd near him would have applauded wildly…..

  18. Miss_X2b says:

    Absolutely purrrrfect. (ducks, hides)…LOL!!

  19. inservo says:

    yeah exactly… great stuff. no matter if cats (or bears, dogs, lions whatever – you name it-) like to do it. that’s the way it is in RUssia. They do, what people want to see, not taking care if the creature likes it or not.

    Yeah, I know. I am one of those PETA guys, huh? This is fucking bad stuff, I personally hate this Russian circus crap and the people who promote it

  20. Dallas says:

    #13 LOL

  21. Hugh Ripper says:

    Pretty lame, Milhouse…

  22. Tim Yates says:

    Do fool your self sir. I think it’s apparent that the cats trained them. It’s the cats performing with the humans fetch their props for them to do their feats of agility and balance.

    Since the days of the Interstate and the combustion engine, it’s the only way cats can travel the world safely these days.

  23. Mac Guy says:

    Wow… Angela from “The Office” really let herself go…

  24. Bob says:

    I can’t even my cat to stop scratching my couch.

  25. Special Ed says:

    Cat – the other white meat.

    Actually I love cats. They sit around when they get older because they burnt themselves out as kittens. Just a data point though, if you die in a room with a cat and the cat gets hungry – it will eat you. Dogs won’t do that.

  26. Poppa Boner says:

    I’d like to see that chick do some tricks.

  27. Steve says:

    I was especially impressed by the thunderous applause at the end.

  28. Orlando Cat Skinner says:

    Me Likey!!!

  29. RRD says:

    I am not a peta lover in the least (hate them in fact). But it is well know in the “Russian” circus they use electric prods etc to train these cats (bears too), absolutely disgusting.

  30. Barack McCain says:

    Those aren’t cats, they’re “Land Fish”.


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