Madoff will take his own life in…

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Madoff will take his own life by…

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  1. NoAgendaist says:

    Obviously, two to the head.

  2. soundwash says:

    1) He will have his death faked with a hollywood quality dummy, either enroute to the (to be announced) Federal jail, or
    in jail.

    2) Some sort of “calamity” will happen he will be part of a mass release or he will just “disappear”

    (do modern jail’s use magnetic gates
    that open during power *complete* failure?)

    No “money man” voluntarily pleads
    guilty without an exit strategy.


  3. LDA says:

    Bloodthursty monkeys.

  4. Jess Hurchist says:

    Have there been no death threats?

  5. Abe Vigoda says:

    Madoff absolutely deserves the punishment he got.

    However, bozos like SN that show their true colors and sick, sadistic inner loathing through such a tasteless poll deserve their own public scorn. Way to go, SN! Keep up the “great” work! Boo!

  6. Great American says:

    How about this tin foil hat idea?

    He’ll be given a Presidential pardon after it is “discovered” he was covering up for his sons. After he is released from jail, then start worrying about him being “suicided”.

  7. deowll says:

    This is a tough man. I doubt that he will kill himself. At least not as long as his wife hangs in there with him.

    At his age if he gives in to dispair he will most likely just die.

  8. MoreGruelPlease says:

    Do not want him dead. Death is a release.

    Want him alive and suffering for many, many years and decades.

  9. OvenMaster says:

    I’d want to make sure he sees every single one of his and his wife’s Swiss bank accounts raided and distributed to his clients first. What I would find offensive is to permit taxpayer money to be spent to keep him alive after that.


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