• Standardized mobile phone charger now a worldwide phenomenon. Nokia leads the way.
  • Palm kills homemade apps. Why?
  • Sony thinking about PSP phone. Sounds like nGage to me.
  • Intel working seriously on SSD.
  • Germans not interested in the Kindle.
  • Google voice getting a lot of ink.
  • Adam Savage gets free phone service.
  • MSFT fiddling around with Win 7 marketing. Will they ever learn?
  • Kid humiliated by Walkman.
  • Wikipedia in on blackout of certain news.
  • HD-DVD still beating Blu-ray according to the NYT.

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  1. Yseraboy says:

    I’m sure Palm killed homemade apps for the same reason Apple never allowed them = If you could “sideload” apps – or, God forbid, firmware – by sending yourself formatted-code via E-mail, then there would likely be a never-ending series of malware emails in circulation, hoping to get people to load the malicious code.

    When I first saw the headline about HD DVD player numbers increasing, I thought it was due to all the ignorant people buying the close-out models are firesale prices… and/or that erroneous comparison of “standalone” players sold for the two formats. But after reading the article, I am amazed to see this is based on a Harris on-line poll of about 2400 people???

    HD DVD penetration into US households has increased to 11% because of the answers you got from 2400 people? puhleaze!

  2. deowll says:

    Walmart had a Magnavox blue ray player on sell for less that $130 dollars the last time I looked. That is within my price range. I’m not sure why I didn’t buy one other than the cost of that first movie and the fact that I just don’t seem to be willing to watch a movie.

  3. qb says:

    OK, the kid using the Walkman didn’t know anything about cassettes and different types of tapes. That what happens when middle aged white people try to be funny. It was kind of pathetic.

    This is what happens when middle aged white rich people try to be funny and hip.

  4. Zybch says:

    I still prefer HD DVD. the menus come up immediately, picture quality is the same, discs can be double sided (HD on one, regular DVD the other), 1 standard format; none of this early bluray players not playing recent disk bullshit, no region coding etc etc.
    If Sony hadn’t spent $7+billion on bribes to the movie studios to drop HD we’d all be using it and bluray would be stillborn.

  5. Get real please says:

    The regular comments that there is no Silicon Valley was kinda cute for a while, as yes it’s not on a map, but people say it all the time. Today you mentioned that the reason you keep mentioning it is that one listener doesn’t like that term. Actually there is a Silicon Valley, or maybe it’s not capitalized, but it’s there. It’s not a designated place on the map but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. When people say Silicon Valley they know where you are generally talking about. Just because their boundary lines are not drawn doesn’t mean they are not real places. It’s like the Rust Belt, and the Dust Bowl, and the Southwest, they are generalizations and ARE real places.

  6. nadrew says:

    sony bribes. so they did that part right, but they didn’t include all of the features at first and they kept the price to high for too long. finally, now the cost comes down. way to go sony. ride that curve down. also, the movies cost too much. i don’t want to pay more for hd. why should i? doesn’t cost them any more to produce, does it? as a format, blueray may not ever become mainstream. yes, it is the best quality now due to bandwidth constraints. but, if sony was real about this format, they would lower the cost of movies to the same as current dvd’s or lower. they have pricing power because of their large catalog of content.
    if they lowered prices, then wouldn’t the other studios have to follow? maybe this format will never become standard. good enough is good enough. sony is becoming increasingly irrelevant. what a shame. they had good tech.


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