1. crimsonfenix says:


    “i’m not”

  2. Alfred1,

    Using this otherwise innocuous thread as a forum for name calling presumably because you have lost arguments to all of the people you list simply shows that you have no idea how to actually debate simple points.

    I think that on this thread you have actually managed to stoop to an even greater level of stupidity than blindly quoting chapter and verse of the bible as if it had anything to say about modern life.

    If you believe god gave you your brain for a purpose, I’d suggest flipping the power switch to on so that you don’t inadvertently create a new non-theory of creation, Unintelligent Design.

    [Exactly. – ed.]

  3. #35 – crimsonfenix,

    You’ve got my vote for the win. Upside-down starling, I name you Dennis.

  4. pappa smurf says:

    We are the Twitterati!!

  5. ArchtMig says:

    That’s the one that’s gay.

  6. ECA says:

    you farted!!

  7. Uncle Patso says:

    The other notes looked at the A# and wondered, “What the hell?”

  8. #43 – Alfred1,

    Not all criticism is invalid. Read my post again with an open mind. See how much rings true.

  9. bobl says:


  10. stana2z says:

    Stop showin’ off Fred!

  11. amodedoma says:

    Starlings are gods answer to whether or not car washes are a sin.

  12. #47 – Alfred1,

    I guess open mind would require a mind. Sorry. Never mind. I know you never do.

    Anyway, I think we’re far enough off topic. I see now that I have wasted a whole bunch of perfectly good Mighty Troll ™ Troll Food made from 100% Hobbit. My apologies to others who were smart enough to avoid feeding the troll.

  13. Buckwheat says:


  14. bad bud says:

    No more beers for you. Somebody call a taxi.

  15. grass4 says:

    Alfred1 is so incredibly clever that it makes be want to puke!

  16. BertDawg says:

    “Jeez, Ralph, you’re overthinking it.”

    Not original, but amusing nonetheless.

  17. Stating the Obvious says:

    “Jackson, quit screwing around. Jackson… JACKSON!!”

  18. Lee E Stevens says:

    Who is the wise ass that sprayed my part of the wire with WD40?

  19. 888 says:

    Even among birds there’s always a black sheep

    At least one black seems to look for job?

  20. two to the head says:


  21. Named says:


    You know, once I had an argument going on with AlfredENewman. He was making some claim that I never stated in any of my posts. In fact, he attributed another comment to my own. I asked him up and down to just indicate WHICH of MY comments made the claim he was refuting. He replied at least 10 times, with longer and more distracted ramblings about stuff he makes up. Finally, he just said that it was time to move onto another topic. He still couldn’t answer a simple question.

    He is truly delusional and obviously very insane. I love the guy…


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