• Firefox 3.5 rolls out. Get it now.
  • China is filtering out Garfield the Cat.
  • Pirate Bay sale worries some.
  • Dell going to the Android too?
  • Where is the picture of Steve Jobs who is supposedly back at work?
  • Confusion over Comcast 4G, WiMax.
  • Forrester says tech biz bottoms in Q3.
  • Palm Pre beating sales expectations says PR company.
  • NYT sez few oldsters see themselves as old. Did someone pay money for this survey?
  • Anti-Google stories surfacing.
  • Yahoo shuts down another company I never heard of. Will this ever end?
  • Maine making sure all kids get a computer.
  • Flash headed to Android phone.
  • Robot navigates like a person.
  • Toshiba last man standing regarding the 1.8-inch HDD.
  • Look for a sale on Netbooks.

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  1. chuck says:

    Maybe China would prefer http://garfieldminusgarfield.net/

  2. Zybch says:

    MS is behind people not trusting Google as much? Please!
    Google is getting to be a real concern to many people, their ‘do no evil’ moniker hasn’t fit for a couple of years now. Their practices are getting more and more dodgy as time goes on.

    Sad about Samsung dropping 1.8″ drives though. I just don’t trust toshiba ones after a string of failures and data loss (the samsung ones I have are still going strong, and make great replacement/upgrade drives for zunes and iPods)

  3. John Paradox says:

    Robot navigates like a person.

    Won’t ask for directions?


  4. Dom says:

    People want something other than Google. It is not a scheme from Microsoft Mr. Dvorak, it’s that people don’t like how Google wants to dominate the world like Stewie.

  5. deowll says:

    Sometimes Google can be _irritating_.

  6. qb says:

    Firefox runs way faster and more smoothly on MacBook Pro. Launches are significantly improved and page loads are noticeably quicker. It looks like a very nice release.

    Microsoft is suddenly into viral marketing. I’m sure they’re fudding Google.

  7. dusanmal says:

    @#4 MS definitely wants to dominate World same (if not more) than Google, so Dvorak conclusion is plausible one.
    Particularly when one sees the manner in which either wants to dominate: MS with the Stalin iron fist (plus the propaganda) and Google with the cult guru style. While I can safely ignore cult guru and take advantage of his freebies, with Stalin it is join or be whacked…

  8. Uncle Patso says:

    How old is _old_? When I’m older than my father was when he died, _then_ I’ll be old. Up until that time, old is at least ten years older than I am…

    Who is buying Pirate Bay that has everyone worried? The MPAA? RIAA? Microsoft?

  9. RTaylor says:

    Apple employees can’t look at the face of Jobs, beside they’re prostrated as he enters a room. Charles De Gaul once said cemeteries are full of irreplaceable men. I use Apple products, but I just don’t get the devotion to this guy. He has demonstrated open contempt for most people his whole life.

  10. Improbus says:

    @Uncle Patso

    Who cares who owns TPB? I have already removed them and Mininova from my bookmarks. TPB is dead, long live Bittorrent! New and better trackers and technology will take their place. TPB will fade into insignificance just like Suprnova and Napster. I wont be shedding a tear.

  11. JoaoPT says:

    On the TPB: really, does the “international police” will knock on our doors? That’ll take up to 2050 to accomplish… 🙂

    I have an Acer 499 Euro 2.12 mhz laptop with nvidia 9400m chipset that’s just broke any price/performance debacle. I mean, it’s the innards of a 13″ macbook, at one third of the price with a 15,4″ wide screen, vista home premium, 4Gb ram… And very clean, solid look to boot…
    Nobody beats Acer at the low end.


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