Video: Smoke, sign or UFO over park in Va.? – — This was from a couple of weeks ago and was dismissed by the media as an anomaly.

Virginia family believes the black ring they saw in the sky during a trip to an amusement park was a sign from God.

Officials at Kings Dominion, a theme park near Fredericksburg, say the ring Denna Smith and her family spotted Monday was smoke from the Volcano ride, WAVY-TV, Portsmouth, reported.

Smith told the television station the ring was perfectly round and so tight it was “like a cut in the middle of the sky,” that it did not look like smoke. She said the family prayed together as soon as they got home.

  1. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    And a booming voice proclaimed, “Thou shalt have no other smoke rings before me!”

  2. jay says:

    Maybe a giant Condom.


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