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At an 11:00 a.m. press conference today, Governor Sarah Palin announced that she would not seek a second term as governor. The governor continued saying in a few weeks she would resign the governorship.

On a day that most public employees have off, Palin sent out an early morning press release indicating that she would be giving an announcement from her home in Wasilla. Joining Palin were her parents, family and state commissioners.

Palin did not field questions and would not give any indications as to her future plans.

Palin announced that she will transfer power to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell. Parnell will be sworn in during the upcoming governor’s picnic.

WooHoo. Here we go!

  1. Animal Mother says:

    Hello, Governor.

    Here, put this on. Yeah. that’s nice.

    Come over here. Good girl.

  2. deowll says:

    I agree with # 29.

    The President is limited in how much damage he can do by himself.

    It takes a totally incompetent Congress that completely abdicates its responsibilities to completely screw up the nation and we’ve had one of those for at least the last 10 years.

    What kind of addle pated nincompoop would vote for bill after bill without reading a word of it knowing that all such previous bills have been a disaster or vote for the kind of massive spending increases going on when even the head of the fed has told them the nation is headed for the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s a freight train coming fast if spending isn’t brought under control?

    The Congress of the United States of America that we the people elected that’s who.

  3. B.O. Stinks says:

    Just look at the hateful comments posted here – there’s little wonder that she and her family are viewed sympathetically. The buzzards knock her down, kick her and then try to pick her bones clean. What a low class group of animals!

  4. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    We just have to trust Sarah’s judgment and know that she would never make a decision this important without spending many long hours praying over it. Whatever the reasoning, we can be sure that it is no longer God’s will that she be Governor of Alaska.

    You must understand that God’s will is a very fickle thing, with many twists and turns along the way to a sudden fiery conclusion.

  5. ArianeB says:

    A resignation on a Friday before big holiday weekend looks VERY suspicious. Something politically damning is (or was) about to break.

    There is no way she is running for President, in fact this resignation before the completion of her first term pretty much guarantees she won’t run, and will become a huge liability (“quitter”) if she tries.

    The link indicates multiple ethical scandals you don’t hear about in the lower 48, but I have friends in Alaska saying there are many.

    Then there was that Vanity Fair article posted on this blog a week ago that basically trashed her as the reason McCain lost. (she wasn’t but it was a contributing factor)

  6. jccalhoun says:

    Either shes made a deal with Fox news or there is some dirt coming out on her.

  7. bobbo, long time political observer says:

    I’ve never seen anything so incompetent–and that includes watching Palin for the last year. Complete unforced error regardless of what else is going on “unless” she stepped down as a plea bargain not to be prosecuted–ie==not possible.

    She is completely isolated. Her CHILDREN support her doing whats best for alaska? HAW! The world needs more Trips?? Holy Retarded Batman.

    Alaska would be wasting money if she stayed in office? Well, thats true.

    And as with every political cartoon, she still has a devoted base of 20%. Ron Paul supporters—–haw, haw. Same political retards, different brew. I hope this doesn’t encourage Ralph Nader to keep running, but the opposition is looking to lose by thunderous irrelevancy.

  8. homehive says:

    I don’t know if Ms. Palin has a chance to win the Republican nomination for President in 2012. However, it seems that “Political Years” are a lot like “Dog Years”. A lot can change in the meantime, especially if (when?) the U.S. economy continues to decline. Remember “It’s the economy, stupid!”.The next presidential election could be as surprising as the last one. (This, of course, assumes that Dear Leader permits us to have any more elections.)

  9. Hugh Ripper says:

    Clearly her, or her marketers, are upping her profile as the god, guns and race poster girl.

    If you think America is fascistic under Obama, just wait until this loony winks and weasels her way to power.

  10. bobbo, trying to be real says:

    “I don’t know if Ms. Palin has a chance to win – – – ” /// You don’t?

    Time allows competent but disgraced figures to rehabilitate themselves. Its never cured stupidity.

  11. father time says:

    Palin combines the worst attributes of Dan Quale and Hillary Clinton, rank stupidity combined with over-reaching ambition. If she had to work on the world stage, say to face down Putin, she would crumble in an instant.

    Anyone who claims to support her is retarded or a troll.

    She has no ability, as she admits, and cares not what she can do for this country, but only cares what the country can do for her.

  12. contempt says:

    #37 bobbo
    >>I’ve never seen anything so incompetent

    Look in the mirror and be amazed.

  13. Micromike says:

    I’m sure George W. Bush will support her because if she gets elected he wouldn’t be the worst president, ever, any longer.

  14. Glenn E. says:

    Not for President. More likely she plans to run for Queen of the USA. Only nobody’s told her that the USA hasn’t a throne. In spite of Dick Cheney’s dreams.

    Palin’s probably “quitting” now, so as to not get her hands dirty when the economics whoas hit her state, and she’d have to pretend to know what to do about it. She’ll magically reappear after the economy turns itself around (without her). And then claim she had all the right ideas about fixing things. Hoping we’ll forget she was gone.

    Come to think of it, ducking out on the governorship, during a possible economic crisis, probably is a good idea, if you’ve got nothing to contribute to fixing it. Why get slaughtered by the press, if you don’t have to? Wouldn’t it be great if we could all do that? And coming back in three years, after it all blows over, I’m sure most Republicans will have their selective amnesia, and forgive her.

  15. Dallas says:

    She was wrongly ridiculed for being erratic and unpredictable so abandoned her job.

  16. Named says:

    39 AlfredENewman,

    Is that the best you can do? I was scanning the comments looking for Biblican Scripture (KJV of course, since you can’t read any others)… just waiting for the passage that indicates that Sarah Palintologist is actually IN the lost Ark just waiting to prove everyone that Jesus believed in automatic assault rifles to protect the disciples AND Amurika.

    In short, you FAILED! Please try again.

  17. Rick's Cafe says:

    It’s going to be so much fun watching a lot of you piss all over yourselves preparing for the next election….when just the thought of Palin running gets you this excited!

  18. Named says:

    To quote another:

    Is this the first time a Palin had a premature removal?

    Lets check with the meth head mother in law….

  19. bobbo, no where near a politician says:

    #43–contempie==ooh, as much as I enjoy being called out, a mirror? Really?

    I looked in the mirror years ago and knew politics is something I could never do. I hate the electorate. Love the people, hate the electorate.

    Sounds inconsistent to some. Lets apply it to YOU. I hate you in the sense you are a repuglitard with all the stupidity that represents, but I love you in the sense that I wish you no personal ill will.

    Perhaps hate and love are exagerations? Maybe I should have just concentrated on “Loving my State” and “Getting in there to fight the good fight” and other self serving non-sense? Yea, total disrespect of the electorate any total self centeredness==I coulda been a contender.

  20. JimD says:

    Sanford/Palin or Palin/Sanford ? Perfect together !!! Just right to lead the GOP for 40 years in the wilderness !!! Sayonara, REPUKES !!!

  21. clancys_daddy says:

    Greg A apparently you have not spent much time with a pregnant woman. Be afraid very afraid.

  22. CZ Compact says:

    I will be voting for Sarah Palin. At least she respects the Constitution. Not these assholes running Washington now. I just want my country back. To the rest of you: go to England.

  23. cfk says:

    Smart idea (so far as Palin supporters are concerned). Takes her out of the public eye and, more importantly, reduces oversight of her upcoming fund raising activities. Given the timing, it also suggests that this month’s Vanity fair piece hit dangerously close to home.

  24. Steve says:

    I’m hoping her plan is to have enough time to let anybody who wants to fuck her before she runs for president. I’ll get in line.

  25. Felix says:

    Sarah was Michael Jackson’s soul heir.

  26. Now for Something Completely Different says:

    LOL! TOO flaky. She’s done. No one has ever ‘quit’ their job as Senator or Governor half way through to “prepare” their run for President. Even Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Carter managed to keep their ‘job’ while running for an winning the Presidency. I’m sorry, was being Gov of Alaska just TOO hard? You couldn’t manage to do THAT and run for President at the same time? She was joke and lightweight before, but 10 times the joke now.

  27. Awake says:

    A few observations:

    a) She quits the governorship of Alaska just when things start to get tough up there, with the $150 oil (a problem she actually celebrated) no longer provides a free pass for her state. Things get tough ans she runs away, I guess so she can’t be blamed.

    b) Palin quitting when things get tough says a whole lot about McCain’s judgment in selecting her as his running mate.

    c) In retrospect, Palin looks to have a similar intellectual curiosity, world experience and general disposition as ‘Dubya’ Bush, and we know how well his ‘leadership’ worked for the country. Regardless of your party affiliation, you must know deep inside that America deserves better.

  28. Obvious1 says:

    I dunno… while it’s tempting to see the announcement and resignation as a preamble to Palin’s presidential run, there’s something about the way it was done that suggests there’s something else going on. It’s one thing to not pursue a second term – she could spin that nobly, as not wanting to cheat Alaskans by running for president instead of doing her job – but if all she wants is a presidential run when her term ends, what the rush to get out of Dodge? Early departure wouldn’t seem to give her any advantage… ergo…

  29. faustus says:

    you san francisco tweeks. you don’t know a fukn thing palin other than what you want to believe.. but in california it’s all about about what you want to believe. fuk the truth… california doesn’t care about the truth… look at it’s budget. budget??? don’t talk about budgets… its handing out iofuckingu’s… california is going to go tits up and its going to take the rest of the country with it… and you’re slamming palin compared to freaks like pelosi? the whole country would vote for palin if her only one campaign promise was to give california back to mexico. o but don’t worry california going back to mexico, dianne fuking feinstein will may sure of that!

  30. qb says:

    faustus, drunken posting

    Alfred1, um dude. That’s Republican hordes. Whinge accurately, OK?

    Others, her kids are out of bounds. She’s a dipstick on her own.

    In general, I don’t think she has the backbone, temperament, or discipline to run a successful presidential campaign. She’s in way over her head.

    Pawlenty or Romney have the stuff to survive and even win. Palin might appeal to Republican base but would get gob-smacked up the side of the head in a general election. Jindal is becoming weak.

    In a nutshell, the right is going to have to stop whining and complaining if they are going to look like winners. Sorry guys, your field is pretty weak.


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