Technology sites and Apple forums have been indundated with comments about the new model overheating and becoming discoloured since it was launched on June 19. Some iPhone users have complained that the device has become too hot to hold to the ear during long calls while others have noticed that the white 32GB model has turned pink after overheating.

In a warning posted on one of the California computer maker’s support knowledge base sites, Apple says that users should not leave their phones in a car where temperatures can exceed the -20C to 45C range that the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS models were designed to function in. Apple says in the support article that “if the interior temperature of the device exceeds normal operating temperatures, you may experience the following as it attempts to regulate its temperature: the device stops charging, display dims, and/or weak cellular signal”.

In its message, Apple says that the iPhone has a safety feature which warns users that the device is becoming too hot. As well as leaving the handset in a car, it says that the phone may overheat when left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, when GPS tracking is used in a car on a hot day or when its iPod function is used in direct sunlight.

If the warning appears, Apple says that users of the iPhone should turn the device off and allow it to cool before using it.

iPhone 3GS users on Mac forums complain, however, that the handset becomes hot when it is not being used in a car. In a posting on the forum, one user complained that using the new device’s video recording feature had caused it to overheat while another complained that after carrying his phone in a backpack, it got so hot that the plastic case became distorted with tiny bumps.

Well not really, but I think Smartalix said it best in a previous post. When you cram too many functions into a device this small, you have to expect some overheating.

  1. bill says:

    I wonder if some of the protective cases aggravate the verheating problem.

    Mine works fine.

  2. Brian says:

    My prediction… Apple is going to eat a bunch of these phones. That or push out an update that throttles back the processor.

    Mine gets very hot if WiFi is on and I am surfing or playing a game. Not so much when just on phone or iPodding.

  3. jescott418 says:

    I just think we give Apple too much credit for their quality. I really think Apple has a worsening quality control as they have pushed their manufacturing to the Asian countries like everyone else. I think they will have a harder time convincing buyer’s that they are worth the premium price for their products. For example, just myself I have owned four Apple Mac’s and five Dell’s. Three Mac’s had enough of a problem that Apple requested I send it back for a exchange. I had only one Dell with a problem that required it to be sent back. I am not saying this indicates a significant problem with Apple quality, but I think Apple and its loyal user’s tend to mask the problems more than say a Dell user. For some reason Apple retains its high marks even with problems that other companies would suffer in quality surveys. At the very least Apple is not immune to quality problems.

  4. Luc says:

    The article’s title certainly is trollish.

  5. AdmFubar says:

    the new iphone-e 3g s it is so hot, you will never be cool enough to own one!

  6. GregA says:

    It will go down exactly like the iPhone 3g. In a few months everyone will forget that it still drops calls, and has a weaker radio than every other phone. When you try to bring it up on the internet brand activists will cyber-shout-you-down.

  7. JimD says:

    I guess you need to keep you iPhone 3g PACKED IN DRY ICE !!! Not real ice – that would set off the “humidity shutdown” !!!

  8. BigBoyBC says:

    “If you leave it in the car” Who in the hell are they trying to fool? I’ve never met a iPhone user who didn’t have phone on them.

  9. Awake says:

    Non-news since Apple product life is so short.

    Not that the stuff breaks… it’s just that as soon as the newest shiniest Apple whatever comes out, the current one automatically becomes an object of scorn and shame, something that no self respecting Apple user would be seen with.

    So by this time next year, Apple customers will be excitedly shelling out another $400-$600 for a replacement phone, and the problem will be solved.

    Planned obsolescence… the core of the Apple brand.

  10. deowll says:

    These people are going to be out over $2000 dollars so they can have the hottest phone around and now they’ve got it. What are they complainging about?

    My cell phone is going to cost me less that 200 for one year. It isn’t hot but you can still make calls and you don’t have to worry about getting burned.

    You guys have fun.

  11. Angel H. Wong says:

    The white iPhone 3G S turning into a pink one is actually a feature; it’s called the “Apple makes it cool to come out of the closet.”

  12. father time says:

    #8 GregA is right.

    I tried a Google G1 yesterday in the hope that it is better than the iphone. It is MORE difficult to use, ug.

    I would have gotten the G1 if it was equal to the iphone (btw, I also have a Verizon G’ZOne Boulder, which I love-waterproof too).

    I hate my iphone G3 because the applications are so poorly integrated. Browser, maps, dialer, sort-of work together. Whatever. I hate Apple, but I haven’t found anything better than my iphone G3 for web navigating and maps.

  13. Dale says:

    You got it, #13 Angel H. Wong. When the Apple turns pink it’s ripe and ready for strudel.

  14. PeterR says:

    When you cram too many functions into a device this small, you have to expect some overheating.

    Instead of trying to cram ever more functions into an ever smaller cellphone, how about a netbook with cellphone capability (and Bluetooth earpiece/microphone)? I’d find that far more useful.

  15. PeterR says:

    #17 Battery life (something mac is quite poor at)

    It shouldn’t be too difficult to shut down the computer part while leaving the cellphone part active.

  16. smartalix says:

    This is just stupid design. Who the hell dictates under what ambient environmental conditions a person is allowed to use their device? A portable consumer electronics device should have an operating temperature renge corresponding to that of the user.


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