The low-cost airline would charge passengers less on “bar stools” with seat belts around their waists.

Michael O’Leary, the chief executive, has already held talks with US plane manufacturer Boeing about designing an aircraft with standing room. He is now seeking approval from the Irish Aviation Authority before ordering a new fleet of carriers, according to The Sun.

A Ryanair spokesman told the newspaper: “If they approve it, we’ll be doing it.”

Mr O’Leary is reported to have got the idea from the Chinese airline Spring, which has put forward similar plans. It estimates space could be made for up to 50 per cent more passengers and costs could be cut by 20 per cent.

It is not the first time Ryanair has come up with a controversial proposal for cutting costs. Earlier this year Mr O’Leary suggested passengers could be charged £1 to use the on-board lavatories.armenian-train

In an interview on BBC television he said that the low-cost airline was looking at the possibility of installing a coin slot on the lavatory door so that “people might actually have to spend a pound to spend a penny.”

Mr O’Leary also considered introducing a “fat tax” for overweight passengers.

This makes sense, since we are treated like cattle anyway.

  1. jccalhoun says:

    Again, what is your point? Why are you so upset that I weigh more than you that you are calling me names? At 42 you should be too old for name calling.

  2. David says:

    Haha, good one. Almost got me. Wait a minute… this isn’t an Onion piece…?

  3. deowll says:

    After reading these posts I decided to laugh rather than cry.

    There isn’t that much difference between the people in preschool and adults.

  4. RSweeney says:

    capitalism has a solution for this… if the cost justifies the pain, then people will pay.

    And if not, the company will pay.

  5. MikeN says:

    >Jet Blue and SouthWest. The reason they make money is that they fly only domestic flights and use on one model of aircraft.

    And that they don’t have the same legacy costs or union problems.

    I’m sure insisting that all flights be first-class quality will keep prices down.

  6. 888 says:

    Calhoun, you’re a disgusting example of how the human should NOT look (most likely), and certainly you are an idiot (your replies proved that).

    I am 6’4” same as you asshole, I weight 197lbs and I can tell I have few pounds of useless fat layer on some parts of my body. But I know I eat too much (no excuses – I just love to eat what I like) and I don’t excercise enough, that’s why – but I *know* that.
    You are just too stupid to even realize how ugly piece of shit you are.

  7. 888 says:

    Totally agree. My shoulders are broad too, only 1st class seats are comfy for me, which I hate to waste money for.
    I don’t know where they get the “average passenger” measurements when they design aircrafts, but I’m sure these are certainly not average American male’s measurements.

  8. Joe says:

    This is your captain speaking. There is ground stop at our San Francisco destination so we’ll need to park on the runway for a few hours until ATC releases us. For passengers with standing-room tickets, the flight attendants will be around shortly with a shot of demerol for your leg cramps.

  9. Nimby says:

    Reminds me of an old joke in Mexico:

    How many Mexicans can fit on a city bus?

    One more.

    BTW: I don’t really have a problem for standing space on short commuter flights but they are going to have to guarantee I don’t face two or three hours of tarmac time on either end of a 40 minute flight!

  10. jccalhoun says:

    funny how two posters criticize me, claim to be really skinny and both call me calhoun instead of my actual username…

  11. fft says:

    jeezus fukkking christ. that illustraion in this post is SO 7 years ago on the internet.

  12. jccalhoun says:

    I’m still skeptical that this is legit. Airline seats have to be able to withstand 16 Gs of impact (at least as of October planes in the USA will. maybe Europe is less stringent). Unless the upright seat is also attached to the top of the plane it doesn’t seem like it could withstand that much force without bending or breaking. Then if people are standing, where are they going to stow away their carry-on bags? It seems that what you would gain in floor level seating you would lose in overhead storage.

  13. amodedoma says:

    To hell with flying. At 6’4 I’m just tall enough that if the tithead passenger infront of me reclines his seat I have him on my lap and crushing my knees. Crossing the atlantic like this is hell. Haven’t been home in years for just this reason.

  14. shinohara says:

    To those complaining about small seats, whose not to say the airlines won’t pack these “standing stalls” as close together? I for one would dread being on my feet any longer than I have to.

    This idea is never going to fly. There is a limit where consumers will say enough is enough, and airlines have respected that. I recall some of them started charging for all sorts of extras (like blankets and pillows), but backed off when customers ran off to competing airlines.

  15. pfkad says:

    #5, Absolutely correct! Let’s see, create an incomprehensible fare structure, disallow refunds, treat the paying customer like vermin and reserve the right to alter timetables on a whim. Yup, sounds like a great business model to me.

    Screw the airlines.

  16. Daniel says:

    For a short run flight this actually sounds like a good idea to me. I’m tall and my knees end up in severe pain after sitting with my knees bent unable to move around at all. Standing up is actually far more comfortable. I wouldn’t want to ride SRO on a long domestic or international flight but for “commuter” flights I think it could work.

  17. Thinker says:

    How many times has this story appeared on DU in the last 12 months????

  18. AGuyFromUpNorth says:

    I still think the best way to haul people is to find a safe method of putting people to sleep and putting them into a casket-like shipping container that has two compartment for the luggage. Then people can just be shipped/flown to their destinations. Once they arrive, a reading of the barcode of the casket will initiate a wake up sequence. People will arrive at their destinations rested and refreshed plus it will save money on flight attendants, food, etc. Also, they should use weight as a way of determining the cost of the ticket.

  19. Patrick says:

    # 52 AGuyFromUpNorth said, “Also, they should use weight as a way of determining the cost of the ticket.”

    I agree but if that were to happen, liberal nut jobs like the American Communist Liberal Union would scream like stuck pigs.

  20. Norman Speight says:

    “Posted by McCullough??”
    I sent you this (to JCD) several days ago. Don’t you read the stuff I send?

    O’Leary is determined to leave a legacy of hatred behind him when he eventually leaves this business. Pity the poor bugger who follows him into the nest of hatred he’s spent years and years generating.
    Of course, he is worth about £200 million, so, in the way of things he couldn’t give a shit.
    He’shated more in Ireland than anywhere else judging by the conversations I’ve had from those he has taken money off – some under highly questionable circumstances – me included.Irish law (it’s where the business is registered) is highly lax for people who behave like him. Read the Irish press.

  21. tcc3 says:

    52 – AGFUN

    I read once (I think at about an idea for a ninja airline. The night before your flight a ninja creeps into your room and drugs you. When you wake up you and your luggage are at your destination. no fuss, no muss.

  22. MikeN says:

    jccalhoun, why not have an overhead bin that the seat attaches to?

  23. audion says:

    I can understand the realities of budgets, etc., but so much of what the airlines do seems so needlessly punitive.

    It is like they f’ing resent you for using their service at all.

    I’m surprised that the diagram showing the standing room only doesn’t include large steel spikes for holding the chattel, um, passengers, in place.

  24. daav0 says:

    Well, I’m actually fat and fly a LOT. I only fly business class or better, or, when forced to fly coach I buy two seats. We live in a world where it is honorable to be tall, and shameful to be fat, so tall people complain but fat people have the worst of it.

    Why is the next class of ticket eight or twelve times as much money, and only 3″ wider?
    Why do some airlines use the same size seat in business class, and charge four times as much money? (this is you, KLM and British Air)
    Southwest actually requires me to buy two seats (which I don’t mind at all! in return I get to board first to make sure there are still two adjacent seats available)

    The worst is that American Airlines has switched all of it’s one hour flights and most of it’s two hour flights to the Embraer commuter jets, and there is just no way to fit my body into that jet in any way. (I tried once, and got put off the jet for not fitting in the seat)

    My company doesn’t allow me to expense the upgrades etc., so that comes out of my own pocket—it’s about twenty five thousand per year. (I use miles and coupons and every dodge there is, but it’s still ten grand round trip to australia)

    Some airlines will not even let you book an empty seat next to you, or will let you book it and then take it back from you and reassign it to sell it twice. (this is you, Malev)

    But, in general, the rudest and most thoughtless people in the world are us citizens of the USA. We need an alternative to air travel. Rail Travel works so well in the rest of the world (and is always better seating for everyone)

    Think about this: Budapest to Prague is a half hour flight, and a three hour train ride. Which method gets you to your actual appointment or hotel room faster?

  25. JimD says:

    Stuff ’em in like SADINES, and KILL MORE WITH EACH CRASH !!!

  26. Patrick says:

    # 58 daav0 said, “But, in general, the rudest and most thoughtless people in the world are us citizens of the USA. We need an alternative to air travel. Rail Travel works so well in the rest of the world”

    Yes! NY to LA. Same as going Moscow to Madrid. Great way to do business travel. Or, S.F. to Denver = ~1200 miles on the road + two major mountain ranges… You can’t take rail between most places on this planet, if time has ANY meaning to you…

  27. Ben says:

    I would think that in a crash this would be much better. having your legs take an impact would be far better than your back. But most people are way too fat to stand for any length of time. It seems logical that plane tickets should be based on your weight plus the weight of your baggage. everyone gets like 400lbs total or some other arbitrary amount any more or less you pay for or get back. It would be easy to do too, just walk across a scale on your way in.

  28. chuck says:

    The real issue is not how FAT someone is or what they weigh, the real issue here is too many seats on airplanes. I’ve seen very small children that looked squashed in coach. They’re should be laws in regards to seat sizes. Have you ever noticed how comfortable the seats are at the airports? Why shouldn’t seats be that comfortable on board the planes? If you put airplane size seats in airport waiting rooms, people would find that odd, but not on the planes themselves? Just make the seats larger, more leg room. Case solved.

  29. Randy Jackson says:

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