Creeps who swiped a Lady Liberty replica from outside Brooklyn coffee and book shop last month have posted a sick Web video showing them sawing off the statue’s blindfolded head.

The YouTube video, which the NYPD is investigating, ends with the slogan “Death to America” appearing on the screen.

It evokes the terrorist-produced videos of the decapitations of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and American entrepreneur Nicholas Berg. The Fiberglas statue, which stands 8 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds, until June 21 stood outside the Vox Pop shop on Cortelyou Road in Ditmas Park.

As Liberty’s head is being sawed off in the video, the words, “We don’t want your freedom” are flashed on the screen.

  1. Dall says:

    I think the Super Mario-esque font used in the video severely diminishes any sincerity the video makers may possibly have intended for it to have.

  2. tcc3 says:

    You’re as bad as the ones who point and blame lib’ruls everytime a storm cloud passes over.

    This blame game is so tiresome.

  3. Qsabe says:

    Twenty years ago, this wouldn’t have happened. Know why?

    No U-Tube, No Internet, No idiots paying undeserved attention to idiocy.

    Guess this is what freedom means to some.


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