So talented…

  1. amodedoma says:

    Wow, a hooter’s girl that’s coordinated! I wish I could give her a ‘tip’.

  2. bobbo, having seen that barstool in Tijuana says:

    Same bar stool but it sat four girls.

  3. Mr Diesel says:

    Ah bobbo you crack me up.

  4. RTaylor says:

    lucky stool

  5. bobbo, in a moment of serious reflection says:

    I don’t know which is worse/better: places like Tijuana where to my way of thinking many women really are treated in a degrading disgusting way, or places like Hooters where the same thing happens in the opposite overly sanitized hypocritical way.

    Its a puzzler often making me think for a nano second or two that the Muslims aren’t entirely wrong in how they acknowledge the relationship between the sexes–just a nano second.

    Western culture offers up the opposing ideals of angel or whore. As usual, I opt for both.

  6. qb says:

    That’s the closest thing to a proof for the existence that I’ve ever seen.

  7. amodedoma says:

    #5 Bobbo

    Don’t tell me you don’t see the difference between a sports/bar with scantily clad waitresses and a tijuana donkey show!?
    Oh and society doesn’t define women they do that themselves.

  8. bobbo, slapping down the palindrome again says:

    #7–ammarammadingdong==why do you “tip” waitresses at Hooters? What is a tip?

  9. sadtruth says:

    LOL @ “Wings For Kids” at the end…. And the news anchor guy saying “I think my mom used to do this….” WTF?!

  10. wbskeet37 says:

    The best local news in Chicago, WGN. You won’t find this kind of quality programing on the national shows…

  11. I Love Hooters says:

    I love Hooters! I’ve been going there for several years. Some people act like it’s a strip club, but it is a family restaurant, just like other restaurants that happen to have a bar. The people that say the girls are “scantily clad” make me laugh, as I’ve seen 13-year-old girls wear less than that to school.

    Spinning on the barstool is apparently not too difficult, as I’ve seen girls who have never done it before try it out and after a few seconds they’re spinning. I’ve never seen them pour beer while spinning at the one I go to, though.

  12. Improbus says:


  13. bbjester says:

    Add a bear on a bicycle , psycho clowns , roman candles , and a purple pygmy pony and I’m all in fer shizzle.

  14. John K says:

    The female co-presenters sounded a bit jealous!

  15. killer duck says:

    I’d tap that.

    I like how Tuesday is “Wings for Kids” night…very wholesome.

  16. Ron Larson says:

    What is this legendary Tiajuana Donkey Show you speak of? I kept hearing about it. But I know that it is an urban legend designed to separate stupid American men from their money.

    Please… really? A woman has sex with a donkey on stage. I know there are some crazy women out there. But there aren’t enough out there who would do this, or at least reliably enough to produce a show for it.

    If I recall, the old 80’s film Porky’s did a pretty good job explaining how this works when the evil bar owner ripped off the boys who came to see the back room sex show. You take their money, send them to the secret theater, where nothing happens. What are they going to do? Go to the police? No, they are going to go home and make up a story about the great donkey show they watched.

  17. AdmFubar says:

    ok what was this trick??? I saw no trick here?? if somehow pouring a half a glas of beer from a half full pitcher is supposed to be it, you have a low threshold for what constitutes entertainment..

  18. amodedoma says:

    #16 Ron L

    No urban legend, I saw it in the late 70’s. Dingy bar, in the back, donkey was hanging from a beam on ceiling by strap behind front legs over table. Woman comes in, stimulates ‘burro’, lays down on table, you can imagine the rest. I was curious, oh god if only I weren’t so dammned curious. It gets me in trouble all the time.


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