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  1. ECA says:

    1. AND you dont think we are being BANNED from sites/restricted from KNOWING/ filled with BS/ …
    2. and they only advert for THE COUNTRY, what they think we need to know.??

  2. jimbobsmith says:

    This is beyond old

  3. DarkFox says:

    They know their audience…

  4. allstar says:

    Since real news can’t be found in the US version of the magazine, Newsweek is clearly a misleading title for this propaganda rag.

  5. Down Periscope says:


    The magazine is an anachronism hanging onto a miniature readership by it’s flaking nails. Led by the uber-liberal Fareed Pariah – er – Zakariah, they are swirling the drain and will be gone like fireflies in October, relegated to the backwaters of the “blogoshere” never to be vomit up on our consciousness again. Soon to be followed by the indistinguishable “Time.”

  6. Mr Diesel says:

    American media sucks because it has its collective heads shoved up the current administration’s ass.

    If Bush were still in office they would have printed the losing front page and had special printings and run it a couple of times.

    Nothing new to see here move along.

  7. LDA says:

    # 6 Mr Diesel

    That was printed when Bush was president. Get over the left / right crap both groups are suckers.

  8. Central Scrutinizer says:

    #7 you beat me to it. The “American” media has its head up any powerful ass it can find.
    Do “they” hate us for our freedom, or our hypocrisy? Saddest most is seeing the world in terms of red/blue, Dem/Pub, lib/con, us/them, ‘our values’/’those people’. “Reason” was left back in the 20th century. Thoughts more complex than 140 characters can express don’t occur anymore.
    Test: tweet the Declaration of Independence. Done yet?

  9. Dallas says:

    Just goes to show news media is all about making money and not about accuracy in news reporting.

    The Walter Cronkite’s are dead. Replaced with shit hole entertainers like Bill Reilly.

  10. BdgBill says:

    The American public has the media it deserves. There are simply not enough people here interested in serious news to support a weekly printed news magazine (or many newspapers for that matter).

    The smart are being out-bred by the stupid 5 to 1 in this country. Rent the movie “Idiocracy” for a more complete explanation.

  11. Mr Diesel says:

    #9 Dallas

    You forgot to mention Olberman, Curic, Franken, Oprah, Gibson, CNN, MSNBC, HNN, ABC, NBC and CBS. I could go on but the point is moot. 99% of them are not worth a shit.

  12. sargasso says:

    I would like to mention that The Christian Science Monitor, is the probably the most highly regarded newspaper in the world.

  13. Winston says:

    My, you people here catch things so quickly. That cover is _ancient_.

  14. Patrick says:

    #12 Yep, good reporting can be found there.

  15. Animal Mother says:

    WTF? This is old, old news. is a plodding dinosaur just like Old Media.

  16. chris says:

    Newsweek has fallen so far. I read it in the Katherine Graham era when I was a kid. They recently updated the format specifically to target my age cohort. Now I wouldn’t wipe my butt with it.

    Newsweek is even worse than FOX news. FOX, at least, has a persistent lean to its coverage. Newsweek is happy to suck up to anyone in power. Are major news outlets merely PR organizations for government?

    Look, my post is purely opinion. Perfect for Newsweek!

  17. Mike D says:

    Just a suggestion for what it is worth. Get a shortwave radio and listen to news broadcasts from other areas of the world. You still have to heavily filter the garbage, but it will give you a very different perspective on current events and their interpretation. . . a real eye opener.
    The US media sold us out a long time ago in the name of profit. The profit incentive (not only money) has destroyed all credability. Too bad.

  18. DoctaWally says:

    Newsweek — which I have subscribed to for over 30 years — did recently undergo a massive redesign toward less “news-of-the-week” (which is better served on the internet) and more in-depth, thoughtful and well reported pieces. Those who can only digest news in twitter-sized bites don’t like this and should stick with Fox News, where someone else does all that hard work for them and just tells them what to think. If you had actually READ the magazine, you would know that it does not kowtow to one party line or the other, but rather to reason and intelligence. Since these are not virtues of the conservatives these days, I see why they think it is biased against them. When Fox and rest of the right-wing talkers went on and on about how there just had to be WMD’s in Iraq, Newsweek ran a piece saying the facts said no, there weren’t. They were right of course, and the President’s guys were lying. That’s just one example of superior journalism demonstrated by Newsweek.

  19. Ron Larson says:

    Why do you need a short wave radio. Just use the internet. That is what I do.

    I would like to recommend the web site “Watching America”. They cull news articles from around the world, translate them into English (as best they can), and put them together in one place. It is very interesting to read what the rest of the world writes about us with content intended for local consumption. Trust me, most of it it not nice. Some of it is outright propaganda and lies designed to divert blame from the local government to the US. And there is occasionally praise from something we do right.

    Anyhow.. they do good work… and it is always a very interesting and eye opening read.

  20. Dallas says:

    #11 Diesel said You forgot to mention Olberman, Curic, Franken, Oprah, Gibson, CNN, MSNBC, HNN, ABC, NBC and CBS..

    Agreed. They are all a sack of shit. The only live news person I listen to is Anderson Cooper. He is honest and he is cute.

    #20 Yes, Pedro. Cronkite, William Buckley and other great commentators…as well as Captain Kangaroo. We are now surrounded by Bill O’reilly’s of the world and Rush Limbaugh. How’s them apples?

  21. RSweeney says:


  22. lydia69 says:

    This is typical and has been going on for years. Although I think this example is a bit old.

  23. Rick Cain says:

    Just giving Americans what they want. Time magazine sold out long ago the moment they put Jacko on the cover.

  24. Tuzgai says:

    #8 “Suck it @KingGeorge ! #revolution #britainsucks #notaxationwithoutrepresentation”

    How’s that?

  25. Tuzgai says:

    #8 “Suck it @KingGeorge ! #revolution #britainsucks #notaxationwithoutrepresentation”

    How’s that?

  26. StuckACanuck says:

    It’s looking more and more like there is no mainstream any more. Common ground has been ceded to idology, division reigns supreme. You have to wonder who benefits most from that outcome…

    The graphic, recent history or not, seems to say Americans are being fed pablum to keep the “matrix” running smoothly. Do ya think? Maybe?

    In the age of spin, who knows what is real, true and accurate? That seems the real genius of the puppet masters, to get to the stage where any issue can be dissolved in opposing spin and we can’t tell what is truth. Then the ever-turning info cycle turns again and we are onto something new. So what if NewsWeek is a good example of getting the media/etc you deserve, the real sadness is the almost total surrender to the age of spin. If we demanded better, we might get it.


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