1. Roel says:

    Cool! Pop meets Weird Al Yankovic! 🙂

  2. ramuno says:

    I’ve seen these guys trying to do an electric instrument modern look video. Somehow their original incarnation as a folk cover band is so much more enjoyable on so many levels.

  3. SB says:

    Can’t tell if they are trying to seriously do these songs or it’s a joke. Strange.

  4. ridin the short bus from Keiv says:

    Been to Ukraine many times… These Guys are Good!!!!!!!! :-)…

    What?…No adverts in the background for mail order Russian Brides?

  5. joaoPT says:

    Definitely an improvement!

  6. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    My son just acquired an accordion, this is just the kind of stuff he needs to learn. ha!

  7. Don Quixote says:

    Ho ray, finally good music on DU.

  8. Mr. Fusion says:

    Whatever turns your crank.

    The first singer isn’t bad. With some voice lessons and a bit of training he could be great.

  9. John C Dvorak says:

    Now we are rockin’ the house! We should make it a theme on the blog. Accordians!

  10. Haluk says:

    Video 2 is nice. Where was it recorded? 44???


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