Ixquick Metasearch — This is one of the few new search engines I like and it does not track you like a dog.

  1. Lou says:

    I dumped Google for this 6 years ago.
    My only beef is it has no news search, like the other big search sites.
    The reason I switched was, I like to see my porn before Cheney and the NSA does.
    Make sure you hit settings.

  2. DLBeard says:

    #26 Mark T, this has nothing to do with tracking you. My example has to do with finding what you are looking for on the web. And if you don’t want Google to track your every move, then use Yahoo, or turn on private browsing, or go through a system to fake your IP. This browser is not a solution to privacy. Also, in Google, you can “Pause” the tracking of web history and it will stay off until you turn it back on.

  3. RadioGuy says:

    Yahoo logs searches as well. And pausing the history doesn’t stop logging of searches by IP. It just hides it from the user’s view, it doesn’t delete it from Google’s logs. I’m more than happy to support a company which respects the privacy of the people who wish to use it’s services.

  4. RadioGuy says:

    Yahoo logs searches as well. Turning off web history in your Google account doesn’t prevent them from logging, by I.P. address, your searches. It merely hides the history from the users view. The searches are still logged and kept indefinitely.

    I’m more than happy to support a company which respects the privacy of its users.

  5. brendal says:

    Thanks – I’ll spread the word.

  6. HeeHee says:

    Very nice – and the advanced syntax page is excellent


    With no warning or choice about it, their deskbar installation added an additional adware button on the taskbar (BTB), and if you delete that, the deskbar goes away also. So for me, it’s just another intrusive adware product that I don’t need. At least they could have asked first!


  7. Ixslow says:

    I liked the idea of Ixquick, but it’s really slow and censors results.

  8. You made various fine points there. I did a search on the subject and found the majority of folks will agree with your blog.


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