Just a fun video. Apparently took place outside one of the Town Halls. Look for more of this in the future.

Found by Neven via Twitter.

  1. N74JW says:

    Doesn’t the cop realize that school property is community property? That school is funded by it’s locality’s taxpayers, as well as his salary. The protester has every right to be there since his taxes helped pay for it’s administration. The cop should go get everyone a glass of water and read the constitution.

  2. Floyd says:

    When I sw the video, I couldn’t tell if the guy being hassled was a Democrat, Republican, or a worshiper of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. So far as I know, he was within his rights to protest, wave a sign or whatever.

  3. #26 — Wow thanks for the review. CAN WE WRITE GREAT AND COMPELLING HEADLINES OR WHAT!?!

    A Fav: Cop Goes Berserk Kills 6 in Violent Party Spree

    Thanks for the kudos!!

    BTW, many of these headlines write themselves.

  4. Weary Reaper says:

    #37 JCD (or whoever)

    There were many more. I just got bored of listing them and I didn’t want to contravene the posting guidelines about posting long lists of crap.

    I’ve got another one for you, not posted yet:

    Video Exposes Indian Police Brutality

    “An Indian police office grabs two fists-full of a suspect’s hair; twists and then lifts until the suspect’s feet dangle off ground. The suspect: A 6-year-old girl accused of stealing 280 rupees or about 6 dollars.”

    It’s from CNN. There’s even video!


    Obviously, all cops are evil. Just leave out the word “Indian” in the headline and no-one around here will notice (or care) it’s not an American rent-a-cop.

    You’re welcome!


  5. eaglescout1998 says:

    Apparently dissent was only patriotic when Bush was president. Now that it’s Obama, it’s racist.

  6. smartalix says:

    Apparently respect for the President was only patriotic when Bush was in office.

  7. Common_Sense says:

    Smartalix is right – Where are all those republicans who got upset when people turned their back to the president’s motorcade? Where are all those republicans who should be criticizing this behavior (the picture which, according to the link above was actually on the poster/sign in question) now?

    By the same token: If you’re a left-leaner/democrat/whatever and you’re not equally incensed by the apparent* violation of free-speech rights in this video despite disagreeing with what the protester believes in, you’re just as much a hypocrite.

    (Note: I say apparent because I didn’t see the actual sign, where it was, what other forms of protest were being allowed, or read details on the context of this protest other than what was found in the comments here — I don’t like making judgements without the facts, so I’m hedging.)

  8. deowll says:

    The least wise posts were those that stated the poster only cared about free speech if the speaker agreed with them.

    They opposed free speech if the speaker disagreed with them. That’s police state thinking and assumes the poster gets to decide what speech is allowed.

    You go down that road and pretty soon only the ruling elite get to express their opinions and they almost certainly aren’t going to agree with you but you sure better say you agree with them because disagreeing will add to the vanished.

  9. Dale says:

    As long as he’s an American and willing to be photographed carrying his sign he’s good to me. The cop was an idiot letting the man push his buttons. Taking the high road doesn’t mean taking the easy road.


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