Girl claims injuries inflicted by school officer

Dougherty County School Police are investigating a complaint of excessive force against a sixth grade girl arrested for protesting having her picture taken. Her father shows scratches on 11-year-old Treneashe Graddy’s neck and back. She says she was thrown to the ground and arrested at Southside Middle School yesterday. When school officials tried to take her picture for school identification, she refused because her hair was not fixed. School Police Lt. Laniece Pope tried to force the girl to take the picture, and handcuffed and arrested her when she resisted.

OK, let’s examine the worst case scenario and assume the girl was a little a-hole. So What? Why should she be forced to get a picture ID in the first place?

  1. Steve says:

    Why not just taze her?

  2. noname says:

    # 35 Steve,

    I am sure he was reaching for it, but they don’t issue tazers to school cops; as you can image why.

  3. lens42 says:

    Troublemaker #9 – Since I’m a moron, I didn’t quite get if I was moron because I didn’t think cops were bad, or because I thought they too-often get carried away with power-tripping and getting the last word. Please write slowly so I’ll understand.

  4. Just look at her says:

    #37 Alfred1

    Exactly! Just look at her, it’s obvious that she is a murderous villain. I mean, it’s clear just looking at her face.

    Too bad the cop didn’t use his gun. One less undisciplined brat to be a danger to your community.

  5. gumchewr says:

    “School police are investigating….”
    This bothers me as much as the incident. It’s time the police stopped investigating themselves. This calls for a civilian investigation board.
    Also, I believe parents should be required to sign permission slips for such an ID program. This smacks a little of “Big Brother”. Sure, it’s for the protection of the students. But suppose a parent has already elected to insert a tracking device under the skin of their child? Why should they be required to submit to another ID system? I’m always leery of “state sanctioned” ID programs where the checks and balances are in the hands of the people pushing for the program.

  6. killer duck says:

    Alfred1 you would make a great Nazi, perhaps you ever still are one. I hope you haven’t any children, I’m sure you are just the sort of parent that raised the likes of Jeffry Dahmer.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If cop’d thought of it, he would “had” to shoot her to “defend” himself, too.


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