About 3 weeks ago this squirrel fell out of the neighbor’s tree. Actually he was one of 4 squirrels that fell and the only survivor. I’ve been feeding him dog milk and he’s just beginning to eat peanuts and peaches. I’ve built him a squirrel house out of 2 hanging baskets.

I’m not sure what I’m eventually going to do with him as he grows up. I rescued him again last night from the jaws of a cat. So I’m definitely his hero today. His name is Ganesha after the Hindu elephant god. I want him to have an important name. My complete collection of pictures can be found here.

  1. pcsmith says:

    #30 You don’t know much.

    England has developed good squirrel recipes as they try to get rid of American gray squirrels.

    Among the recipes: Colonial Squirrel Kebab, and Squirrel and Leek Fricasee. Search USA Today.

    Also, anyone who uses the word Nazi (unless they are talking about 1930-40’s Germany) is .either ignorant or a Kaucasian Kracker Konservative.

  2. denacron says:

    I have had several red squirrels as pets over the years. When its near the time for them to make a go of it on their own, try going outside with it on your shoulder, it makes all the wild squirrels consider you harmless. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. bobbo, why do we relate to animals says:

    Rodents have fleas. They are traded back and forth with hoomans. I don’t think you can get swine flu from rodents, but surely our government is working on it.

    You do know that rats are just squirrels without the squishy tail?

    I have had just about every pet a normal person can have. Pretty much they are all like people==cute as kiddies and pets, dangerous over breeders when mature.

  4. charliehorse43 says:

    My dad raised a squirrel from a baby like this little guy. A tree had been taken down and his mother was killed. He lived in the house but dad took him out every day and when he was a year old he never came back in.
    Found him self a girl friend and lived the wild life from then on.

  5. Daniel says:

    My partner and I spend about as much money on cheap cat food every week as I d on myself for food. we keep a sherbet container outside with food all the time for about 5 or so neighborhood strays. some are the sweetes cats in the world and a couple are super skiddish. We have one boy hat’s been coming ’round for a couple of years, one girl we know has another “home that we haven’t seen in months.. and there’s been a couple other regulars that have dropped off the face of the earth over the last few years. We did the same thing at our apartment.. luckily racoons aren’t as much of a problem here as they wre there so the caps pretty much get free reign of the food. I grew up with cats so I can’t let a cat passby without having food/water out for them

  6. Naked Patriot says:

    I think the name of your squirrel is very, very cute. I think it will stay with you as an adult. I have seen squirrels as pets.

    Good luck with Ganesha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Mr Diesel says:

    Good job Marc. It’s nice to read a good story on here once in a while.

    We have a soft spot for cats and after a camping trip a few months ago we are now up to five.

  8. pfkad says:

    Dog milk? Does that come in cans?

  9. Jeff says:

    I got bitten by a baby squirrel once. I was seven at the time. For some reason I believe picking up one by my bare hands was a good idea. I wanted one as a pet. My grandfather saw this. He was not happy to say the least. I got one hell of a lecture.

    Interesting story BTW…

  10. Marc Perkel says:

    Yeah – you can buy dog milk in cans at pet stores.

  11. Javageek says:

    Be careful Feeding peanuts to your squirrel they can be harmful and may cause seizures. Stick with fresh vegetables and the occasional pecan.

  12. fulanoche says:


    Dog milk!!!
    That was my first question, too.

    It comes in cans!!???
    You’re shtting me!!

  13. jstokey says:

    Here’s someone else who has had great success raising a squirrel:

  14. 888 says:

    Either you are disturbing the evolution process (weaker/dumber shall die…) or you were disturbing the God ALmighty’s finger (his will the creature fell of the tree), I don’t know which one is it ๐Ÿ˜€ But both are no good options ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. pegothejerk says:

    sorry about that last one. no embedded images, I guess. here’s a little photoshopping I did with one of yer photos of ganesha. –

  16. kaitlyn says:

    hi i have two little girl squrells there about 9-10 wks i read your supost to let them go at 12..but i let them play out on my tree an they climbed up and im not goin up the tree to get them will they be okay??..i wanna make sure they will surviove on there own if there ready..plz help…=[




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