This is an excerpt from a show airing tomorrow night (8/31) on the National Geographic channel that examines the conspiracy theories about the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

  1. @RBG/100

    See, you’re focusing on the evidence again. Tsk, tsk. I never claimed “what happened”, only what the key reactions were. You can fill in the blanks with whatever you want (control over Iraq’s oil development, military bases in Asia, destabilization of Central Asia). Just follow the ball (in this case, money) and you’ll get there eventually.

  2. 888 says:

    US Govt conspirations?! LOL… ROTFL!

    Just look WHO BENEFITED FROM INVOLVING USA IN IRAQ WAR(which was main reason to ALLOW 9/11 to happen) and you’ll know who was behind it:

    Israel of course.

    Saddam was a largest single threat to Israel.
    And now it is Iran (so yeah, you bet sooner or later USA will be “attacked” by Iran, or a new “9/11″ will happen – obviously pointing to Iran’s hand in it…).

  3. 888 says:

    oh and BTW – quit saying it was “Iraq’s oil” why US attacked Iraq.
    If it was because of oil, then where the fuck is this oil?
    Do you see Iraq oil flowing to USA?
    Do you see it flowing at all?

  4. @888

    “Control over Iraq’s oil development” does not equal us taking their oil. However, we are effectively keeping others out of the country. This has been the plan in Iraq since WW II.

    Regarding your “Israeli connection”, I think it’s foolish to believe that greedy powerbrokers are nationalistic. They owe allegiance only to money.

  5. Prose / Constitutionalist says:

    Was the destruction of the 9/11 an excuse to start war with the East?[What would happen to the owners of the defense companies, if war was not started, would they not go broke?]
    The planes hit near the top of the two buildings, therefore the explosions should have raised not lovered. I have not heard the name of the insurance company who compensated the owners of the World Trade Center, or the names of the owners. It seems like a lot of money to lose and not wanting to replace the twin towers, therefore someone has a lot of money to throw away, while only wanting to build a memorial. Not replacing the towers,gives the muslims a satisfaction they are depleting our economy. {FOOD FOR THOUGHT]

  6. Elefant says:

    The year 2001 should not be repeated