At Spicer’s deli we only sold sodas with real sugar so there was no Coke or Pepsi (but Mexican Coke, yes) along with obscurities like the ones described here. People loved good soda.

  1. Martfin says:

    I only drink Coke with real sugar. The Mexican supermarket close to where I live has it so once a week is a bottle of Real Coke. Then when I was back in the UK I got thirsty one night, went to the fridge and checked the back of the coke can and it said sugar. I was in heaven for 2 weeks. No HFCS for me.

  2. bobbo, love niche markets says:

    This store is in Los Angeles. Gotta stop by and get every kind of Root Beer they have.

  3. Ron Larson says:

    This store in just NE of downtown Los Angeles, near South Pasadena and Eagle Rock.

    5702 York Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90042

  4. sargasso says:

    America needs it’s “food heroes”, like that guy in the video.

  5. Father Tomb says:

    I can’t click on the video; is my problem the video or my Crapple Iphone?

  6. Johnny says:

    I like this guy.
    I like this store.
    I wish I was in LA.

  7. joe says:

    OMG… every city should have a guy like this!

  8. neven says:

    Awesome video. I wish that guy was my grandfather. Can you imagine growing up as a kid with all that soda? 🙂

    I cut HFCS out of my diet 2 years ago and I feel so much better. We need more folks like this.

    And yeah, Mexican Coke is all I can get around here.

  9. FumbleHead says:

    Come on up to Canada where Pepsi and Coke are still made with cane sugar.

  10. deej says:

    Was able to score a CASE of Mexican Coke at Costco a few weeks ago and now ration out a couple bottles a week for the kids – they love it. Also, my local Kroger sells bottles of it in the “Mexican” food section for about $2 a bottle – as much as a 2 liter of the fructose crap but well worth it…

  11. Lenscap says:

    Wow I was suprised how much I enjoyed this.

  12. Skippy says:

    #9 are you sure? I was under the impression this was not the case. I’ll have to check the label next time I’m in the store.

    The Pop Shoppe cola (the company has resurfaced, by the way, under new ownership) kicks Pepsi and Coke’s ass.

  13. noname says:

    Screw globalization.

    If American expects to survive into the future with American values it will need more places like this and not just for food stuff.

  14. bobbo, everything actually is relative says:

    “Indictment of Coke, Pepsi and big business… ” /// It was? I thought Coke and Pepsi had 112% of the market? The indictment is that non HFCS can’t compete?

    What am I missing?

  15. eggman9713 says:

    #12. He (#9) speaks the truth. I live in WA and occasionally WinCo (western grocery chain) gets Canadian Coke and Pepsi with real sugar. And whenever I go to a video gaming convention in Spokane or Seattle, invariably someone from Canada brings about 5 cases of the stuff and sells the cans to attendees at cost during the LAN parties and stuff.

  16. ECA says:


  17. DA says:

    This is not an indictment of Pepsi or coke or even Big business.

    If anything this is an indictment of corn subsidies and sugar tariffs/subsidies.

    We wouldn’t have nearly as many corn based products if it weren’t for government sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong.

  18. kyle defacis says:

    A unique product that meets a nice demand and a passionate owner, this man should be very successful.

  19. Mac Guy says:

    That guy is absolutely awesome. I wish he had a store out here in NC.

    I’m originally from Wisconsin, and my eyes nearly jumped out of my head when he mentioned Sprecher. Sprecher is, without a doubt, the finest root beer I’ve ever tasted. It’s smooth and doesn’t have the harsh flavor that Mug’s, Barq’s or A&W have. They sell it in 16 ounce bottles, not 12. Absolutely delicious. They also make a great cream soda, and their Ravin’ Red is pretty great, too.

  20. Mac Guy says:

    Also, I recently went to Argentina, where they only sell Coke and Pepsi using the real sugar. None of that high-fructose corn syrup crap that they sell here. Fortunately, Pepsi is doing its Throwback where they use real cane sugar, and I hope they stick with it. It’s a sweeter taste, but in a softer way when compared to the “regular” stuff.

  21. bill says:

    Now if we could get the small bottles again… we would really have something special…

    I won’t drink the HFCS anything ever again.

    We had really lost something there.

    Use the corn syrup to make gas

  22. Nik (noC) says:

    Tried “Pepsi natural” in a glass bottle today, real sugar. exceptional! Give it a shot.

  23. Mac Guy says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll see a permanent, wide-sweeping change back to glass bottles anytime soon. Plastic is cheaper, and is much less dangerous for the drivers than glass bottles. My father used to drive for Coca-Cola, and he quit due to its “hazardous work environment.” Instead, he became a cop.

    It’s gotta be pretty bad when being a cop is a safer job than driving a Coca-Cola truck.

  24. GlowingApple says:

    #19, Mac Guy

    +1 for Ravin’ Red. One of my favorites!

  25. Mac Guy says:

    #24 – Oh man, TELL me about it! Real cherries + real cranberries = real yum.

    You can get it online at

    My parents just came down to visit a few weeks ago, and they brought two 24-bottle cases of the root beer with them. I’m in heaven.

  26. Bubba Ray says:

    You can still get real sugar Dr. Pepper in Texas. Nothing like that corn syrup stuff.

  27. SimonSez says:

    The Pepsi Throwback was great while it lasted.

  28. Floyd says:

    I miss the old brands this guy sells. If he could establish himself in bigger cities and towns, the cane sugar pops alone could knock Coke and Pepsi off the shelves. I don’t want to live in LA, but this might be a reason to visit sometime.

  29. Rick Cain says:

    There must be some sort of corn syrup conspiracy. I found some Blue Sky Cola for sale at a health food store that had sugar and no caffeine, it was wonderful!

    I went to few grocerie stores looking for it, and the exact same brand was there, but mysteriously it had corn syrup and caffeine in it, but it looked identical other than the ingredient list.
    Since then I haven’t found the caffeine free sugar version any where.

  30. Faxon says:

    Well, Obama wants to tax the hell out of sodas, correct? Because they are not politically correct. Fuck him and his people, and get me an In and Out Cheeseburger to go with some of this real soda pop. For all of you who wish there was a place like that in your town, can you see an opportunity or not? This guy does not MAKE the stuff, he retails it!


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