At Spicer’s deli we only sold sodas with real sugar so there was no Coke or Pepsi (but Mexican Coke, yes) along with obscurities like the ones described here. People loved good soda.

  1. ArianeB says:

    #17 “This is not an indictment of Pepsi or coke or even Big business.

    If anything this is an indictment of corn subsidies and sugar tariffs/subsidies.

    We wouldn’t have nearly as many corn based products if it weren’t for government sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong.”

    Which in turn is an indictment of the corn industries lobbyist demanding that government stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

    If it weren’t for sugar tariffs, corn syrup, corn production subsidies, ethanol mandates (don’t get me started on corn ethanol, its a junk product), the corn industry would be unprofitable and not nearly as big — which is probably what it should be.

  2. Greg Allen says:

    Wow, this guy is fantastic!

    I don’t even like sodas very much and he made me want to go to his store and buy some!

  3. bobbo, its a niche player for a reason says:

    The cause celeb for the moment. What a bunch of sheeple.

    Whats the worst thing in the American diet? Ok–its HFCS, I grant you. But what is NO 2? Thats right my toothless silly nillys===SUGAR!!!!!!

    You know, if you clean your system out so that your taste buds have a chance==a nice glass of water can almost taste “sweet.” Soda Pop is for children.

    Next up, lets have a video on how butter is so much better than trans fat.

  4. Craig says:

    Anyone into cola should go out on try Pepsi Natural. It’s really good. Not as good Curiosity Cola but not $3.75 a bottle either.

  5. bobbo, not wanting to be a hypocrit says:

    We eat a lot of pancakes at our house. Alternate between buckwheat and rolled oats. Go thru a lot of sugar so I make it as needed. 2 Cups Cane Sugar to 2 Cups Water, a little Molasses or Brown Sugar for color and taste, a little honey to get rid of it as we have bees. Then add maple extract and you’ve made good syrup for 1/3 the cost of store bought.

    Sure wish I could just pour some nice fresh sweet water on those pancakes. Syrup is for children.

  6. Tomas says:

    This will be like microbrewed beers, the people’s tastes buds are finally waking up. Long live independant thought!!!!

  7. McCullough says:

    Zuberfizz here in Colorado. Good Stuff.

  8. wmjcollins says:

    They sell Kickapoo joy juice. all kinds of sodas and obscure beers, check it out.

  9. BigBoyBC says:

    Finally, something I have first-hand experience with…
    I go to Galco’s a couple times a month, it’s a great place, nothing fancy, but the selection on sodas is fantastic.

    Warning! If you go there, clean out the trunk and take plenty of money, because its easy to blow a chunck of cash.

    Even though their address says Los Angeles it’s more like Highland Park. For those who can’t go there, go to their website:


  10. Lou Minatti says:

    Coffee soda sounds really good.

  11. modeltweaker says:

    Galco’s is awesome! We drive 60 miles once a month to buy soda. My favorites are original Dr. Pepper in the 7 oz bottle and Bubble-up. My daughter loves the old time candy you just can’t find anywhere else. It’s truly a treat every trip. This video gave me even more reasons not to buy the commercial garbage in the plastic bottles. If you’re old enough to have grown up on soda made with sugar you probably know the difference. If not you really should try for yourself. If your near LA a road trip to Galco’s is well worth the effort.

  12. lou says:

    Sugar hit a 28 year high on Aug 28/09 on the futures market.
    This guy prices are high and looks like they will be going higher.

  13. Hugh Ripper says:

    It nice to know people like this fellah are still out there and that stores such as this are still viable. I’d pay more just to buy off guys like this.

  14. Ah_Yea says:

    “Soda Pop is for children”

    Count me in!

  15. ECA says:

    If you listen CLOSE,
    About the Corn syrup..
    1 of the ONLY nations to use it, Isss?? the USA.
    AND the USA has an embargo/LARGE tariff on IMPORTED Sugar cane, any from ANY SOURCE except Hawaii..

  16. mr. show says:

    #45 USA as the heavy/sole user of corn syrup? Maybe so.

    There’s a decent documentary called “King Corn” that explores the changes made by Nixon’s Secretary of Agriculture to make Corn the “it” crop of the USA. Make it cheap and make lots of it was the philosophy.

    On one hand, we get cheap food for the masses but on the other, we get that at quite a price (corn has no real nutritional value; increased numbers of those who are overweight and borderline diabetic).

    Anyway, this was an excellent video and I’m happy that my state (Oklahoma) has a similar store that’s a little out of my way but might be worth looking into (Pops on Route 66). I scoffed at the idea of a soda store every time I passed the sign to Pops (usually it was on the way to see the in-laws) but after seeign the passion of the guy on the video, I’m sold on his vision. Sure it may be sugared water but he makes it sound like something special (and those independent businesses are!).

  17. ECA says:

    You got 1/2 of it..

    The body is interesting.
    It KNOWS what it wants, and will FORCE you to find it. The problem is That it CANT GET you to EAT IT…so you eat everything you can…

    Then comes the funny FATS..(not REAL/Natuaral fats) there IS’ on the market a frying material called Liquid plastic…FULLY digestible PLASTIC.
    NOT REALLY, it just dont STICK to anything internally, and is SUPPOSED to exit the body and leave nothing behind..Interesting, AS the body WANTS something but got we EAT MORE.

  18. Salvatori says:

    #33 Cavities are caused by bacteria that eat various carbohydrates on your teeth, not just sugar alone. Processed breads and other starchy products can be just as bad for your teeth. Just brush your teeth after eating/drinking.

    Sprecher’s Root Beer (haven’t had their others so I can’t say) contains HFCS. Very flat flavor, too.

  19. BoroTech says:

    I’m sorry to see the Deli is closed. I wish your family the best.
    — Thomas

  20. chuck says:

    I don’t see this as an indictment of Coke or Pepsi. Both have been successful at marketing a product that many people seem to like.

    It is an indictment of the corn syrup lobby, and the corn-growers lobby. These are the same people who have convinced Congress that ethanol (from corn) is a good idea – even though it costs more than gasoline and uses more energy than gasoline to produce.

  21. noname says:

    # 50 chuck

    “successful at marketing a product that many people seem to like.”

    To the un-initiated, successful marketing implys people (the market) experienced all others competitors products and choose Coke or Pepsi.

    We know that is false.

    As this stores shows, in it’s simple, people way, when the American freedom of choice is allowed to flourish, people (the market) will not chuse Coke or Pepsi.

  22. Uncle Don says:

    I’d like to taste Vernor’s Ginger Ale again with Stevia as its sweetener — like it used to be sweetened with.

  23. chuck says:

    #52 – successful marketing means that people buy your product and that you have convinced many other people to sell your product. It doesn’t mean you have a good product, or that you have given people a choice. (i.e MS-Windows)

  24. raddad says:

    I get a kick out of people who prefer “real” sugar. Cane sugar is sucrose and is no more natural than fructose which is common in most fruit such as apples and bananas. Sucrose is composed of two sugars, glucose and fructose.

    HFCS is sucrose that has been partially separated into fructose and glucose (because it is sweeter than sucrose). This is the identical thing that happens when bees make honey and what happens when we digest sucrose. When we consume “real” sugar we are consuming fructose.

    //Am a chemist.
    //Science spoils all the fun.

  25. Dale says:

    Great post!

  26. ECA says:

    the problem goes much deeper if you think about ALL products.
    Do you know how many different tomatoes there are?
    How about Onions?
    FEW stores market more then 3-4 types of apples.

    I see more adverts for CEREAL and the price is threw the roof for 10-14oz. And looking at MALT-O-MEAL, the only reason for the higher price is PROFIT. And if you read the label, you will wonder where the GRAINS went.

  27. gmknobl says:

    He’s doing a good job but he’s wrong on a few points.

    One is “big business loves big government.” Not true. Big business likes corrupt and fascist government (by definition). Proper big government won’t ever restrain the little business but will promote it over big business. That’s a thing most non-historians of government, or people who take their talking points from FOX won’t ever understand.

  28. noname says:

    # 53 chuck,

    Unfortunately that is the current operative definition of marketing.

    “It doesn’t mean you have a good product”

    Luckily Galco’s doesn’t seem to be an adherent to your definition.

    Since it seems, very evidently, that Galco’s customers feel Coke or Pepsi do not have a “good product” thereby Galco is in business.

  29. deowll says:

    I would love to have store like that near me.

  30. 888 says:

    HFCS vs Sugar (or govt subsidized crops vs non-subsidized crops).
    Thats the only issue I see here.

    What indictment?!
    Let our govt subsidize sugar from now on, and all Big Corporations will switch to using sugar in a heartbeat. There’s no indictments, no conspiracies in it. It’s called business (aka PROFIT).
    Same goes with “recycling” (note I used quotes because our recucling programs have nothing to do with real recycling, aka reusing).

    Costs of 1 day war in Iraq probably would cover entire nation’s recycle costs. Get your priorities straight, Americans, before talking cheap.

    I like the old chap in the video, but he says lot of BS there. Still – props to him for bringing a lot of unknown sodas to his local market. Hopefully his business is succesfuil.


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