CBC News – Military chopper lands for burgers — If A&W had a clue they would market this to death. Of course an investigation has already begun.

A Canadian military helicopter pilot with a sudden hankering for hamburgers set his aircraft down on a Kenora, Ont., baseball diamond, and walked into an A&W restaurant across the street for a takeout order.

“He ordered four papa burgers with cheese combos and two papa burgers on the side,” server Stacey Hawes told CBC News on Thursday.

The pilot was nice and polite, and made it seem as if he was just driving a regular car, she added.

Found by Mark Sissons.

  1. Rick Cain says:

    If this violates policy, then he should be reprimanded. The sheer act of landing a helicopter does put people on the round at risk, even ones some distance away in case of a crash or a thrown blade.

  2. Animby says:

    # 30 Rick Cain said,”The sheer act of landing a helicopter does put people on the round at risk, even ones some distance away in case of a crash or a thrown blade.”

    Poo. Everything’s dangerous. Could have lost a blade while passing over a town or come autorotating down on a school. Maybe they should have been driving a jeep?

    “The sheer act of driving a jeep does put people on the ground at risk, even ones some distance away in case of a crash or a blown tire.”

    If it was out of policy, I’m sure he won’t be flying for some time. But, hell, helicopters land somewhere all day every day. I’ll bet the helipad outside your local emergency room isn’t as big as that baseball diamond he put the chopper in. Hey military flight crews have to eat, too!

    Much ado about nada.

  3. See B.C. says:

    Where’s the post blaming the Obama administration for this?

  4. Recondomoe says:

    We did this quite often. I was a crew chief on a UH-1H and often would arrange for the restaurant to pick us up at the airports.

  5. Mr. Fusion says:

    Geeze, I think it was about ’90 or so I was a passenger in a helicopter checking out a problem at a base about 50 miles from nowhere. On the way the pilot asked if anyone was hungry and then stopped in a field next to a restaurant. Nice place and I got the impression the pilot had done this several times before. To him it was no big deal.

  6. Nth of the 49th says:


    I used to land in the liquor store parking lot to pick up booze for the guys in camp.
    Be a little hypocritical for me to criticize this.

  7. Commander Bob says:

    I court marshaled em for not bringing back my root beer float. We use the copters so the ice cream will still be frozen when they get back.

  8. Ralph, the Bus Driver says:

    I did this a few times when I flew them. We had to be careful though as the FTC rules don’t encourage it and civilian complaints can make life difficult.

  9. Lou says:

    If I had a chopper, you would never see it anywhere near an A&W.

  10. Wolf12601 says:

    “As an Active Duty US Army Soldier, I am assuming this pilot is screwed!”

    I was an active duty pilot for the US Army in the 80’s. We did this all the time. We flew to Maui for pecan pie and ice cream and landed in the parking lot of the Parker Steak House on the Big Island. The US wasn’t as up tight and politically correct as it is now.

    I’m surprised this made the news. Good thing he did not have to land to pee. We did that allot too.

    Canada seems to be a cool country to live in. I may move there if things get anymore screwed up in this country.

  11. 888 says:

    wow, I never knew Canada have any Air Force 😀

  12. Rick Cain says:

    Canada has a big air force and uses top of the line F-18 fighter jets.

  13. Canadian Firebird says:

    First off to all you un-educated persons making stupid comments let me address your stupidity.

    # 42 888 said, on October 6th, 2009 at 3:30 pm wow, I never knew Canada have any Air Force

    # 2 O’Really said, on October 4th, 2009 at 12:34 pm As an Active Duty US Army Soldier, I am assuming this pilot is screwed! First off, a Soldier never leaves his equipment unsupervised. Leaving a helicopter in a parking lot while you go in for burgers is the same a leaving a M-4 unsecured while you go to the latrine.

    Of course this is Canada. So maybe this is acceptable up there.

    Our soldiers have much better training and conduct themselves which are beyond reproach. They are respected around the world for their professionalism and skills. Canada doesn’t spend 85 cents on every doller on defense unlike america. So we may not have EVERYTHING under the sun..but our equipment is top notch for what we do purchase. And our troops actually TRAIN other countries forces. If you’ve never been to my country or even talked to a Canadian soldier or police officer I suggest you STFU and educate yourself.

    As for “# 2 O’Really” I think you have HALF the story. I have read several of these posts and in the ENTIRE article it clearly states his CREW was left in the bird while the pilot picked up the orders. Whats the fucking problem? Of course even if there were weapons on board they were secured by the other guys/girls on board. Don’t be an idiot.

    Lastly, if somebody serves in the forces or works in law enforcement..they are putting their lives at risk. Who gives a flying fuck “pardon the pun” whether or not a CAPABLE officer lands his bird in a god damn baseball field for food? OMFG ! This is another clear example of politicians and anally retentive higher ranked officers causing a problem. If he broke a few regulations fine, i’m sure he’ll be dealt with. I doubt he’ll get court martialed or penalized and it will probably be a verbal reprimand. But to all those that whine and snival cause a HELICOPTER lands in a field..I say…FUCK YOU! They deserve our respect and admiration for the crap they do everyday!

    Thats my two cents

  14. Bystander says:

    Lots of postureing, but ill just but in a little food for thaught, Alberta to Quebec is clear across the country, I serve in the CAF and a neat little note it costs thousands of dollars for prolonged and unschedualed stays; with no food at the small Kenora airfield well it saved a little money there.

    Notes: One went in aircrew remained with the chopper

    Called ahead and cleared landing with local police (had police clear area)

    Like ive seen and thank all the supporters
    Much ado about nothin


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