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What is it with these one-way space flights lately? First it was a guy saying a one-way to Mars might be a good idea. Now this guy. Admittedly, there is a bit of the Astronaut Farmer and (I’m guessing) a lot of weed involved with this one.

  1. Glenn E. says:

    Since when did we give up on robotic probes?! I don’t know who placed this ad. But why is space now only for humans? Especially disposable humans, if they’re not coming back? Seems someone wants us to forget that robots are far better at these one way trips. They don’t require near as much to eat, or air to keep them alive. Most of the huge cost of space travel, is eaten up by the life support requirements, when humans are along for the ride. And since most insist on returning to earth. Add to that the fuel to make it back.

    Build lots of space probes, and launch them from the ISS in orbit. And quit wasting tax dollars with all this human hero worship, that needs a person out there eyeballing every cold lump of rock. We’re decades behind exploring our own star system. Because NASA prefers the higher budgets that manned flights provide for its aerospace cabal. So they’ve dragged their feet, farting around with near space thrill rides. And now, they want to go back to where we already know plenty about, the Moon. And waste more money, mining water like it was gold. But any long term purpose for being on the Moon, isn’t something they’ve thought thru very well. Nor are they bothering to explain why it’s better to do “whatever it is” from the Moon, rather than from Earth.

    Frankly, I highly doubt they give a rats ass about it. They just want to get there. And then they’ll bother figuring out why, much later. Kind of like the current mission status of the ISS. Isn’t nearly finished, now what?

  2. Glenn E. says:

    I’ve often wondered about these astronauts. Especially the retired ones. Who all claim that they’ll go to Mars, if it becomes possible. But I’m more skeptical of their honesty, than of the reliability of the technology to achieve this trip. They know it likely years (even a decade) before such a trip might be possible. So they’re safe in saying “they’ll go”. Knowing full well they’ll be way too old to go, or even dead. But saying so, help promote the industry they’ve all profited from. Many former astronauts get VP offers, when they retire, at aerospace companies. Not because they’re such great businessmen. But parting because it’s a huge PR deal. And partly because it’s payback for having been a space hero, in the first place. Newer US astronauts see this, and know they’ll be taken care of. So naturally they say that they’ll go to Mars. It’s in their contract, to promote the space missions, with their celebrity. And nobody in the media ever questions this. Because they too are contracted to promote the missions. So they don’t ask them, “Aren’t they a little dishonest, say so, when they know they’ll never be asked to go in the first place?”

    As for anyone who IS young enough to go to Mars, or wherever. I have to think that NASA would question the sanity of such individuals. Because it would almost certainly be a one way trip. Maybe not even successful, the one way. So who in their right mind would ask to go? Anyone who’s crazy enough to ignore the dangers. And NASA isn’t going to send crazy people into space.

    So this basically gives you the classic “Catch 22″ of deep space travel. You have to be crazy to want to go to Mars. And NASA won’t send you to Mars, if you’re crazy enough to want to go. That’s why they need robots. Those don’t care either way. They’ll just do what they’re programmed to do. And nobody will gripe about them being forced against their will. Since they don’t have any. Just be care NOT to make them too smart. Because they might realize the danger and refuse to go. But I suppose they could be programmed to be crazy enough to want to.