armed house

Found by John Ligums.

  1. Anduin says:

    Wow… my cat could probably pull off a better photoshopping job than that. =/

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    #79, Loser,

    Then please explain why America’s statistics are equal to third world and unstable regimes. Then explain why those countries, including Switzerland, with strong gun regulation are so much less and the people safer.

    • Jeff S says:

      It’s a cultural thing. Has nothing to do with guns. We could give those nations all of our weapons and their violent crime rate would go unchanged. It is because of liberal policies that smart citizens arm themselves for protection. Additionally, if you compare the number of robberies, muggings, and other violent crimes against law abiding citizens in a state that gives citizens the RIGHT to carry concealed weapons you will see their numbers are in the cellar when compared to severely restricted states.

  3. retiredcop says:

    As a 21 year police vetran both uniform & detective I can tell you two things with certainity:
    1) 1911 beats 911 every time
    2) Criminals prefer unarmed victims

  4. Schleprock says:

    I personally don’t have a big problem with guns. I have a problem with the paranoids who have to tell everybody in the world how they have a gun and will shoot any shadow that appears at their door.
    If I’m secret service, the first person I’m gonna “drop” in a situation, is the “patriot?” who thought it was a good idea to bring a handgun to a presidential event. How’s the guy gonna’ defend himself? Fire into the crowd?
    You do have a right to defend yourself. No doubt.
    The funny thing is that people like this think that they are brave, macho, patriotic.
    You’re not brave if you have to mention that you have a gun when you are making an argument.
    You’re not manly if you’re afraid of your unarmed neighbors because they have a problem with you shooting squirrels in their back yard.
    You’re not patriotic if you think that being American means that everyone should agree with you, or face the consequences.
    I guess the neighbor should put up a sign saying,” My neighbor likes gay sex -> ”
    Free speach… Right?

    • Jim says:

      No, unless your neighbor actually likes gay sex, that would be be libel. It he liked gay sex, then it would be an advertisement.

  5. Everybody who’s for gun control please look at countries that have enacted gun bans. Usually a gun ban leads directly into government tyranny. Take a look at Nazi Germany for instance (before somebody cites Godwin’s law do note I’m not comparing anybody to Hitler and am using a historically accurate example for an argument that needs a look into history).

    After the Nazi’s came to power they required citizens to register all firearms. Shortly after registration they confiscated all the registered firearms as they knew who owned them and where to find the owners. And after that we had the holocaust which ended up killing millions of defenseless civilians. And armed citizenry gives people a fighting chance against such situations and makes those who would commit tyranny think twice before doing it.

    Find for me a single example of gun control actually making a country safer (and before you bring up formerly Great Britain take a look at their violent crime rate compared to ours).


    I highly doubt you’ve ever shot a rifle in your life. Anybody who has knows you can’t throw the thing in the air, catch it, and shoot somebody without aiming. I’m guessing you don’t own guns because your temper drove you to a domestic violence case which in turn made you a prohibited person.


    You do realize that the husband in that story was a peace officer and carried a gun by fact of his career right? Most gun control advocates want to disarm civilians but allow police and military personnel to carry guns. So even if the Brady Bunch had their wet dream come true that murder suicide would still be possible since the husband was a peace officer. Would you like to try another irrelevant story as an example?

    • Jim says:

      Here are some facts for you. 6.5 million CCW in the US accounted for approximately 200 violent deaths including murder, suicide, and accidental, by all means, not just guns. 30/million +/-. National murder rate around 25/100,000 or 250/million. Less than 100 high level government employees involved in Fast and Furious, accounted for 200 + deaths. 2 per person.

      Who would you rather have have the guns?

  6. Buzz says:

    At least five burglars on this forum fessed up to the factoid that we crinimals now know where the stealable guns are. Thanx for the tip.

  7. Greg Allen says:

    Here is the dirty secret the gun and ammo industry doesn’t want you to know:

    guns SUCK at defense.

    Unless you’re an idiot or deluded, you know it’s true.

  8. Schleprock says:

    My neighbors house was broken into about 2-years ago. He’s a great guy, and I have no problem with him having a gun to protect himself. He wasn’t home at the time. They got past his alarm, broke into his safes(2- gun safes and a security safe)and made off with enough firepower to supply a small army. The bad guys are well armed now. What kind of guns should I buy to protect myself from the shotguns ,rifles, semi-automatic handguns and AR-15s? Should I keep them loaded and under my pillow? I’ll check back on your comments when I get the nerve to come out of my bomb shelter.


  9. Thomas says:

    The real dirty is that the police cannot/will not protect you against theft. If a thief breaks into your house, your odds of catching the thief or getting any of your stuff back are pretty close to zero. Having or not having guns makes no difference in 99% of theft cases.

    What would help is to throw out the rights of a thief that is in the act of breaking into your house or stealing your stuff. It is ridiculous that if you put a bear trap in your living room and a thief breaks in and steps in it, that you can be charged. Somehow, we have become a society that protects the rights of the criminals more than the victims.

  10. Walt says:

    Wow, easily one of the worst photoshopping jobs I’ve ever seen

  11. Jeff Little says:

    Personally I like it when gun idiots do stuff like this. The federal government now knows who’s house needs to taken out with tanks.

  12. Schorschi says:

    Americans and their love for weapons. Sickening.

  13. Butch says:

    For all the arguments here, you’re all missing the point that it was PHOTOSHOPPED. Clearly. The edges are too clear and the sign is perpendicular to the “camera” instead of parallel to that sidewalk which is so neatly edged. Look at where the signposts are stuck in the ground. It’s a fake, people! It’s a joke to make people laugh, not divide everyone with all these arguments!

  14. LibertyLover says:

    #82, Please explain why you would sacrifice other to save your wife and I’ll answer your question. I’ve already answered one of yours. Your turn.

  15. LonePalm says:

    The second amendment exists for citizens to protect themselves from abuses of government as much as from the criminal element, but I repeat myself.

    Any public official that is afraid of being surrounded by armed constituents is a public official that the constituents should be afraid of.

  16. JDBraddy says:

    The more I read, of what my fellow Americans have to say, the more I realize that half of them are neither good, nor truely American. The great melting-pot has become too diluted. Diversity can be a good thing, but like anything else, can be harmfull in excess. When members of a group share little or nothing in common, then they cease to be united. “United we stand, Divided we fall.” The posters here, are clearly divided.

  17. Outrageous says:

    I didn’t even bother to read all of these rediculous posts. Yah- you can say all day, “you should have taken the time too, because I’m right and you missed mine.” The fact is that all most every thing I’ve read here is derogatory in one way or another. A bunch of argueing over a sign posted in some guys lawn- “who cares!” Really- who cares, if that is how he feels/photoshop or not, than let him feel that way. If this is how all of you feel- than it’s your choice. Want to prove you’re right over some one else by slandering and insulting others, your choice. If there where better ways to resolve difference in opinion it’s been lost here today. All of these beliefes and insults and I would rob you or I would shoot you, it is merely a way for everyone to feel better about thier insicurities. “I would blow your brains out” – “The amendments” , don’t be rediculous! What do you know about the use of weapons, they are meant to protect the people you love, not to hurt people. All of these postings have absolutely know life or love behind them, just excuses and hateful meanings. I don’t care if you talk about amendments, but don’t talk about amendments and then bash someone in the same exect statement or your following statement, you have know idea what our amendments stand for in that case. And don’t write about being all high and mighty super trooper and tell everyone what the purpose for a weapon is. A weapon- is a means to further your purpose, it’s a way to tip the scales or even them out- a weapon should never be used to kill or to hurt, but to protect, to protect the people in our lives that we love, to protect justice and if we have the power to harness our own strength than we should use it to protect the weaker people who do not! I don’t care if you like what I have had to say- I’m not saying it to be heard or understood or liked, I don’t care if you agree with me- I don’t care if you ever change your ways of thinking, but there are still heros out there- there are still good guys. Stop being so judgemental of people, let them live thier lives the way they want to- some people will never find that peace, some will take a lifetime to find it, some people find it early- just do what you can to make the people around you happy, work hard, believe in yourself, believe in your friends, and never give up! : )