Found by Jim Davis.

  1. Mr. Glum says:

    I’m speechless.

  2. spinnyd says:

    Trials riders are one of a kind, haven’t been keeping up with the sport in a long while but back in the day Hans Rey was the guy to beat.

  3. LibertyLover says:

    Makes my balls hurt just watching it.

  4. Sailboatfool says:

    total waste of time. Learning to do that.
    unless he can get a job with Cirque du Soleil
    Get a job freak!

  5. JimR says:

    Thanks hhopper. That was awesome.

  6. Wretched Gnu says:

    This ancient video was posted on THIS very blog over an effing YEAR ago….

    Are you going to show us the Star Wars Kid next…?

    [Quit complaining. It was new to a lot of people. I’ve been working on this blog for three years and I never saw it before. – ed.]

  7. O'Really says:

    It’s like parkour on wheels! I used to ride with some guys at Andy Jordan’s Bicycle in Augusta, GA, and there were some trial riders there that were very good. They always amazed me!

  8. Tom Woolf says:

    Sailboatfool…. folks have been telling you that same thing about picking your nose, but you still keep at it. 😛

    Sometimes people do things just for fun.

  9. Grandpa says:

    Well, if your traitor government sends all the jobs overseas you might as well have some fun and learn something really amazing. Great post.

  10. eaze says:

    #9 they took our jobs!

  11. Cephus says:

    It’s one thing to do things for fun, but he was doing stunts with pedestrians directly in harm’s way. Who knows if or how many of them have been harmed by the pursuit of this “sport”. Add to that the fact that he’s riding all over private property, presumably without the prior approval of the owners.

    Sorry, color me not at all impressed.

  12. peter_m says:

    Cephus, lighten up or get a life… which ever is easiest for you.

    About the movie: WOW!!!

    I’m a consider my self a road bike addict and I am ashamed to say I have ZERO balance. I am jealous!

  13. jescott418 says:

    One of the few video’s I have seen that was worth watching! Nicely Done!

  14. charliehorse43 says:

    This brings back memmorys. My nephew used to do this these kind of tricks.

  15. charliehorse43 says:

    This brings back memory’s. My nephew used to do this these kind of tricks.

  16. Two to the Head says:

    Cephus, I’d rather live in Danny MacAskill’s world than yours.

    For some reason your comment reminds me of the Terry Gilliam movie Brazil and you are playing the Michael Palin role.

  17. Sailboatfool says:

    hey Tom WOOLF,
    hey at least *I* get something out of it!

  18. downhill says:

    sailboatfool, its not a waste of time doing what you love. The kid has immense potential to cash in on this but he chooses not to. Nothin wrong with that.

    Cephus…did you watch the freakin video???? i’m pretty sure this guy has never hit a pedestrian, nor ever will…unless he wants to. its not like he just rides around w/o looking. and most of the property looked public..and as far as the private stuff goes, its pretty hard to damage anything with those rubber tires runnin across it once or twice

  19. WanKhairil says:

    Amazing how he flipped on the side of the tree. I’m sure he has lots of broken bones.

    Even more amazing, how he hasn’t been arrested, since we see so many fascism reports here in DU.

  20. peter_m says:

    #18 Cephus did not watch the video. He’s on dial-up!

  21. Cephus says:

    Hardly, I’m on a 20MB FiOS connection. Try again.

    But for #16, luckily we don’t live in either world, we live in reality where we have laws. Please try to keep your head on straight.

  22. canucklehead says:

    Poetry in motion

    thanks hopper.

  23. deowll says:

    That was awesome and awesomely stupid. The first stunt was on a spiked fence. He feel twice. He’s lucky he did impel himself. Now that would have been awesomely gruesome. I’d have hated to be the guys that had to pull him off the fence.

  24. davo, the uninformed australian says:

    wow… this kinda makes me wish i was talented in some way.

    incredible vid, totally worth the 25min it took to load the fucking thing. danny must have insane core strength and power to weight ratio

  25. TTHor says:

    Lovely to see such talent…!

  26. lens42 says:

    I feel compelled to relay what Penn Gillette just had on his Twitter feed:

    “Get a Life”: If that’s ever been said to you, be proud. Passion is what life really is and that command steps on it.

    This video is phenomenal.

  27. Ivan says:

    He just got a VW commercial, so much for telling him to get a real job.

  28. Dallas says:

    i agree with Alfred1. In other words, Allah akbar!

  29. The_Guy says:


    Or evolution at its best giving versatility and dexterity to us.


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