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A midget Southern Hemisphere cyclone is off the coast of Florida, another hurricane is sitting on the equator off the coast of Peru — and the Arctic Ice is gone (perhaps it is summer) and the Florida Peninsula is half gone

With the increasingly discredited notion of man-made global warming crashing and burning on a daily basis, climate alarmists are being forced to accelerate their fearmongering to unprecedented levels. With the evidence failing to match up to the doomsday proclamations, Al Gore has turned to photoshop in order to make a CO2-choked earth look scary enough to sell his cap and trade scam.

The latest example of climate cult fakery comes in the form of the front cover of Al Gore’s new book, Our Choice; A Plan To Solve The Climate Crisis.

Shortly after the devastation of Katrina, Al Gore was busy making a correlation between hurricanes and global warming in an effort to drive home his claim that higher global CO2 emissions cause an increase in extreme weather events. The cover art for Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, features an image of a hurricane rising out of a smoke stack.

Seemingly underwhelmed that there have been no major hurricanes since Katrina, along with the fact that global hurricane activity is now at a thirty year low, Gore came up with an ingenious method of solving the problem of the lack of scary depictions of frightening hurricanes to display on his book – simply airbrush them in!

And where the heck is Cuba? Read the article… Warning! It’s from Prison Planet, so if that bothers you more than the content of the article, then there is nothing to see here.

  1. Martin says:

    What do you expect? Al Gore is and always has been a politician. Politicians have been “photoshopping” their promises, initiatives and lobbying corruption since the beginning of time. Why would this be any different.

    Climate change is a scientific issue and should be studied and managed by scientists not politicians…what a concept.

    “Managed” – Can weather and climate be managed? Doubtful, at least not with current for foreseeable technology.

  2. Mark T. says:

    Wow, four hurricanes in one satellite photo. Gore’s Photoshop artist must have worked overtime on that one. What a load of crap.

    Phydeau said “If enough evidence builds up against global warming, it’ll be discredited.”

    Unfortunately, they are pushing Cap & Trade RIGHT NOW! Not a decade from now! It took Gore ten years to get people to believe all this hype about global catastrophe. They have to strike while the iron is hot. When the cycle turns around (and it will), Gore wants to be able to take all the credit for it and become “Savior of the Planet” throughout all history.

    A decade from now when science catches up to reality, these greenies will have transformed our cars into golf carts, we will be eating tofu burgers, and we will be paying for it all with Gore’s Generation Investment Management carbon credit cards.

  3. Faxon says:

    I love throwing my batteries in the trash can. So you can figure where I am on this one.

  4. Faxon says:

    Check it out. The Panama Canal is no longer an obstacle for the US Navy, so we can move from sea to sea and kick Muslim ass all over the fucking place! Good deal.

  5. Toxic Asshead says:

    Enough evidence to disprove Algore’s theory has already been gathered. It’s not reported for various political reasons. We are all the ones who will suffer when cap&killtheeconomy is passed.

  6. Faxon says:

    #23 Sure. You’re absolutely right. Er. Except the Goredicks are shoving cap and trade down our damn throats right NOW, or didn’t you notice???

  7. Ah_Yea says:

    #4 Monster;

    “Just how much do you know about Al’s weenie?”

    Too much. WAY too much!!

  8. Judge Mental says:

    I have no regard for those who choose to build and live right at the ocean’s edge, near a volcano, in an earthquake zone unless they are forced against their will to do so. You takes your chances….

    Besides, global mean temperature shows that we are headed into another ice age… just like clockwork. So Gore may as well Photoshop Florida covered in snow as well.


  9. mangurian says:

    wow….a clockwise rotating cyclonic storm in the northern hemisphere !! Now that IS news.
    It shows the level of scientific knowledge these people have.

  10. Ah_Yea says:

    So Cuba’s disappeared…

    Maybe this global warming thing has more pluses than minuses!

  11. MyMy says:

    Counterclockwise rotation in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise rotation in the Southern Hemisphere, approximately 1% rotate in an anticyclonic direction.

  12. 888 says:

    It’s a fold-out illustration in a sci-fi book.
    Why so much discussion about it?

    Goredrones will not change their views even if his book showed flat earth – and people using their own brains won’t change their opinion on Gore-tastic idiocies either.
    Pointless discussion.

  13. Goracle says:

    Most of the gore-acle supporters on this site would eat a shit sandwhich if Gore told them it would be good for the environment.

  14. LibertyLover says:

    #3, I wonder how many people know that in CA, PG&E stands to lose major bucks in fines if they don’t reduce the amount of emissions they produce. Everybody I am sure.

    If less people are using electricity, their load is reduced which, incidentally, reduces their emissions.

    “The big winner today is (Pacific Gas & Electric),” CEA Senior Vice President Jason Oxman says. “They have financial incentives to meet energy-reduction requirements imposed by California. They can meet those requirements by seeking and successfully imposing regulations on parties other than themselves.”

    I wonder how much money they paid the CA legislature for this law.

  15. LibertyLover says:

    #39, Ouch! If that graph is accurate, our next Ice Age is going to be the coldest yet. We need more CO2 or it’s going to get really cold.

  16. Greg Allen says:

    Goodness, … this blog is turning into Fox news inventing “scandals” that don’t exist.

  17. Ralph, the Bus Driver says:

    And the same idiots are screaming how Newsweek’s cover of Palin is sexist.

  18. j-man says:

    the only problem is that when ice melts it doesn’t cause water levels to go up.

  19. Glass Half Full says:


    Excuse me? The entire Antarctica ice mass is on land…when it melts and breaks off it adds to the ocean. It’s the 5th largest continent, and it’s covered in a MILE thick sheet of ice.

  20. Glass Half Full says:

    I guess the 95% of climate scientists are wrong, and the 5% working for the oil companies are right. Just like the ‘doctors’ that testified for the tobacco companies who said smoking does NOT cause cancer…as opposed to all of the other doctors who thought it did.

    Gotta ask who’s paying for your information. Is it an open peer reviewed scientist who doesn’t work for a company with a profit in the outcome? Or a paid “commercial” scientist who’s told what ‘outcome’ to find and then works backwards to cherry pick evidence to support his position? I’ll go with the open peer reviewed science, thanks, though I’m sure Exxon has some VERY qualified scientists working for them, just like Philip Morris did.

  21. The0ne says:

    More moronic replies. It is illustrative. It is meant to represent in theory what could happen. It doesn’t represent what’s going to happen. This is base on trends and we all know there are tons of heated arguments over this.

    But to deny a person of their theories is ludicrous. That’s practically preaching one does not have the right to voice their mind in anything…for example you morons.

    Here’s what you do, take a look at the two photos and just say to yourself…”interesting concept, I wonder if it’ll really happen?” Whether you agree or not is beside the point. Whether you are smart enough to go and find more answers is another thing altogether.

    Seriously in everyday life one does not live and breath without thinking of new things and coming up with new ideas. If you’re bashing them, PLEASE bash you head now.

  22. Paul Camp says:

    Has this blog suddenly gone insane?

  23. deowll says:

    Just think. If the warming trend were to start back up and continue the southern edge of the Sahara would be pushed way north making the region verdant and well watered.

    Then Gore wants these people to agree not to burn fossil fuels. A lot of people in a lot of places are going to be much better off if the warming trend starts back up.

    Sure a lot of people in a lot of places will be worse off.

    Back a few hundred thousand years there were wild hippo in England. You think that was due to CO2 from burning fossil fuels? Climate is not stable.

  24. Glenn E. says:

    Un-friggin-believable. And here’s the link to prove it.

    What gets me is that O’Brien isn’t either smart or brave enough to call him out on these errors. Gore even thinks drill bits had to be designed to withstand this temperature. Ah, even if it really were that hot down there, no way in hell (literally) could drill bits take that kind of heat.

    Here’s what I think IS the truth. Gore wants to KILL GEOTHERMAL ENERGY. He (and O’Brien too) were making it sound too dangerous to tap that kind of heat. O’Brien says drill down to a heat source sounds like an evil plot to kill Superman. Where’d the hell be get that, if not from Gore himself? What Gore isn’t tell us is that old giant Chevron, bought up and controls the worlds geothermal plants. That the technology is really decades old, and not so “relatively” new, as he claims. By that definition, atomic power is also fairly new. Anything developed after coal mining, is “new”. The reason Geothermal probably isn’t better known, is that energy monopolies would rather see one new nuclear plant constructed, than ten geothermal plants. So only a relative few “pilot” plants have ever been built in the US. With all the geological activity in the Rocky Mountain range. Geothermal energy should be super abundant. But Al Gore’s goal, I believe, is to create another De Beers of energy.

    The US has an abundance of Coal. And the US abhor monopolies. At least in principle, it does. So price fixing and other such schemes are largely frowned upon. What better way to make energy cost more, especially in the US, than to thoroughly demonize what’s most plentiful. COAL! So basically coal use is evil, because we have so much of it, and big oil can’t totally dominate the energy market, with it around. So I believe Al Gore and chums are doing almost exactly what the Diamond industry did in the US. Keeping US diamond mining non-existent. Because of the US anti-monopoly laws, that would keep its pricing fair. So miraculously, no diamond mining exists in the US, in spite of there actually being known diamond ore in the US. Not to mention that artificial diamond making processes, are kept under strict control in the US. All this, just to maintain the pricing scheme of raw diamonds, world wide.

    Not it’s Al Gore’s turn with Coal. It “evil” because he says so, and the US has so much of it. If the US had to import most of the coal it uses, just like oil. Gore probably would have no problem with that. So he only objects to plentiful forms of energy, not monopolized by an evil cabal, which he’s part of. And he’s also out to demonize geothermal energy. By confusing the ignorant public of the real facts. So that later, they’ll reject its use too.

  25. Glenn E. says:

    Nobody needs to drill down to the earth core, to tap the heat for power generation. Nuclear plants don’t heat water more than a 600 °F. Much above this, bad things happen. Like oxygen and hydrogen split apart. Not good. So you don’t even want to drill deeper than a couple miles, to pick up just enough energy to super heat water just hot enough to power surface turbines. Hotter than that, and you have a hell of a time expelling the waste heat in cooling towers and rivers. The drawback to this system is that heat transfer thru solid rock strata is relatively slow. So it can’t provide the kind of on-demand heat as a nuclear pile. So geothermal plants have lower outputs. That’s ok, just drill more wells. But then you’ve got the NIMBY problem. Especially with Gore and O’Brien scaring people as to how hot and dangerous it is to drill into the earth. So the ignorant public isn’t going to want a relatively safe, non-polluting, power plant in their neighborhood (backyard). Though you could put one behind every shopping mall, and hardly anyone would notice.

    The US already has more nuclear plants that any other nation in the world. And the problem of disposal of waste fuel, still has yet to be adequately addressed. Most just store it, in some secret spot within the plant. Nice terrorist target. Geothermal energy has no waste byproducts, other than heat energy. But then all other large power plants have that too, except Hydroelectric. The advantage of having a smaller geothermal plant (in every town?) would be its smaller waste heat footprint.

  26. mong says:

    Nice opinions.. everyone has one and they are just a important as that other piece of anatomy..
    Imagine the wisdom of not having him [Gore] elected.. not only would we have been spared Bush’s incompetence, arrogance and liberty hating schemes, the Democrats would have been outed yrs ago, and the road to some semblance of sanity may have been initiated much sooner.
    Scientists are acting like politicians: someone else’s business is theirs, values are for sale and integrity is sacrificed for contradiction and deceit.
    Even my neighbourhood shaman is more honest— and doesn’t steal in the name of the common good.


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