1. Chriswsm says:

    They would also cast a shadow to some degree

  2. McCullough says:

    Too Easy…It would look like your anus.


  3. Rhor says:

    What the video doesn’t say, its that we would be constantly attacked by the elements from that ring everywhere on the planet. Attacks meaning meteorites and rocks with differents sizes.
    The places with fewer attacks would be those on the equator, like Quito, Ecuador.

    And, we would not be able to place satellites as we do now, so probably a cell network would be limited to just a few cities.

  4. Erik Blazynski says:

    stupid. Don’t waste your time watching this.

  5. ECA says:


    Anything under the shadow areas, about 3-6 months per year is going to DIE, or be real weird.

    Sats would have some interesting problems, MOSTLY those going N/S directions.. If they floated IN the rings, we could just let the RINGS hold the equipment.

  6. timsit says:

    I vote to have the rings installed immediately!

  7. judgen says:

    Absolutley stunning.

  8. LotsaLuck says:

    When the rings hit your eyes like a big .. uh.. slice of pizza pie….

  9. steve says:


  10. chuck says:

    It would kind of screw up communication satellites, wouldn’t it?

  11. AlanB says:

    Thanks Uncle Dave. I sent the link to my astronomy club mail list.

    The only downside is the rings would reflect so much light at night that viewing Deep Sky Objects with a backyard telescope would be pretty much out of the question.

  12. Cursor_ says:


    Thank you for saying what I was going to if no one had been the voice of the realist.

    With rings there would have been no life as we know it on this planet.


  13. Dallas says:

    I’m with #6 . This is way cool.

  14. Mr. Fusion says:

    #12, Curser,

    With rings there would have been no life as we know it on this planet.

    I don’t know about that. Every one of the “events” over the past billion years or so have had some influence on life as we know it.

    Rings are the remains of satellites (moons) breaking up. Such an event would subject the earth to a huge bombardment of meteors and meteorites. It would be that issue that would be of most concern to life on earth.

    Good point though.


  15. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    #2 ftw (it had to be said)

  16. Mr. Fusion says:

    #15, TML,

    Why? does Uranus have rings?

    (snuckle, snort, ha ha, snuckle)


  17. Rick Cain says:

    Imagine how hard it would be to have spacecraft in orbit with a ring system!

    It would be like flying through a minefield.

  18. Rick Cain says:

    BTW it looks just like Kaitain from the movie DUNE, home of the Padisha Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV.

  19. soundwash says:

    You turkies..it’s a METAPHOR!

    this planet is was original part of the Saturn system. Saturn and it’s planets were captured by the Sun.

    Prior to that, most likely, Jupiter was the only planet/sun in this system

    Saturn used to be our “central sun”

    it’s written all over the planet by the ancients..

    We are about to go FULL CIRCLE..that’s
    what in part, 2012 is all about. (ok, well, full half-circle for some..)

    The “golden age” will begin
    again..as we head back to our home system of Orion.

    eesh…nobody looks beyond their nose anymore..



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