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  1. dusanmal says:

    Bad safety practices (in conspiracy-theories type of show of all!): Show streaming player at apparently sets cookies by IP# (ex. In my book, you set cookies by IP# you are up to something not good, hiding. Particularly when nslookup cant find who is behind the IP#… No need to do so (or is it?), please change.

  2. ECA says:

    can I ask a question about LAW?
    ISNT law based on the idea of MOST in a group/country are willing to live by THE CREATED LAW?? a consensus??
    Rule of the many over the few??
    so why are the FEW ruling over the many?
    There is no consensus..

    When there isnt a consensus, IS THERE A LAW??
    Is it enforceable??

  3. deowll says:

    Global Services Inc. seems to be an air transport company which computes because that has to be a major method of getting cargo into Afghanistan.

    The Russians lost because of all the people giving high tech and money to the Taliban including us. The Russians must be amused by our problems.

    Use the left over stimulus money to pay for the war. If it worked for FDR maybe it will work for Mao Obama as the Chinese call him.

    The Taliban is made of people from the south. The north doesn’t support it at all. It also looks like if you arm the tribal groups they will deal with the Taliban.

    Most Muslims it seems don’t actually like full blown Islamic law Taliban style. It’s too bleeping Medieval with too much beheading and limb chopping, etc! Duh!

    Of course the armed Tribal groups most likely wouldn’t take orders but as long as we let them run things in their own territories they most likely would be tolerable neighbors.

    Call it the Obama act.

    Fake gold….

    Maybe buy silver…?

    It is much smarter for you or even old people who have problems getting insurance to just go the government route and hope they can pay the differences.

    The Washington Post killed itself? Okay.

    The aliens who make crop circles are all born on earth and are having a blast messing up somebody else’s crops and fooling the —naive.

    I decided to let somebody else play lab rat on H1N1. Looks like somebody just got a Darwin award who did get a shot not that I’m safe yet. Sooner or later we all get our Darwin award.

    It was nice knowing you, Adam, even if it was second hand.

  4. ECA says:

    Better, simpler software..
    Look up

    It even has MAC software…and NO DRM..


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