Researchers at the Maximum Life Foundation met recently to discuss their latest anti-aging findings. Their goal is to extend the human lifespan indefinitely by 2029… though it’s not yet clear how that’ll actually work.

The Huntington Beach-based Foundation held a Longevity Summit earlier this month, where biologists and geneticists shared their research into how humans might live longer — much longer. Futurist author Ray Kurzweil, speaking at the conference, put it thusly: “We are very close to the tipping point in human longevity… we are about fifteen years away from adding more than one year of longevity per year to remaining life expectancy.”

Among those in the business, this threshold is known as “longevity escape velocity,” and many of the Summit speakers seemed to think we’ll get there in the next twenty years.

The speakers came from different backgrounds and specialized in widely different fields, according to press coverage; they appear to have had little in common except a commitment to defeating the aging process. Some of the techniques up for review: organ cryopreservation; tissue replication via stem-cell therapy; chemical supplements to encourage telomere lengthening; and tinkering with cell structures in order to situate our mitochondria more favorably.

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  1. Floyd says:

    I have a feeling that true immortality would get pretty boring after awhile. Maybe that’s why we there isn’t anything going on that requires divine intervention or magic. The Immortals got tired of immortality and went with Plan B. Hence the Death of God article(s) written in 1966…

  2. First Man Standing says:

    Think #44 had it right-ish, though that still assumes seniority is the only descriminator. I’ve always liked the ‘problem’ that everyone dies, because it’s the only way the planet regularly gets rid of the most destructive people that, through their money and power, have immunized themselves against all other corrective processes. Can you imagine how much life would suck if every infamous dictator, corrupt tycoon, criminal kingpin and cult leader in history were still with us? Not balanced by immortal Inspirational figures and deep thinkers of course, because the above baddies would have still killed them, as they have always done.

  3. Animby says:

    # 53 Glenn E. said, “…then drop dead totally unexpectedly. Like the way light bulbs often burn out. Flash, you’re gone.”

    Not me! I want a couple of hour’s warning. Enough time to erase a particular partition on my hard drive…


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