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  1. qb says:

    Both Apple and Android (partners, et al) are both benefitting from this press. Basically everyone is asking “which is better” and forgetting that Nokia, RIM, and especially Microsoft even exist. God help me, I almost feel pity for Microsoft.

  2. deowll says:

    John, how could you not know about and desperately want a robotic hamster? Think of all the time you could save not cleaning out the litter box.

    Think of all the money you could save on cages. The last one I had I ended up renaming Ratticus. The blasted thing chewed up plastic hamster cages like they were card board boxes. I gave it away.

    I finally moved it to a fish tank with a wire top but even so if it could reach the top…Let’s just say the wire got badly damaged in spots and I was laying slabs of metal over the holes.

  3. SparkyOne says:

    The new MS store is selling Win 7 party favors for those that missed launch parties.

  4. conrack says:

    Hey, thanks for linking your story items back to the source, saves me from having to copy and paste keywords into a google search, I appreciate the extra effort.

  5. Toxic Asshead says:

    The Droid is an awesome device. Go Droid.

    How long until robotic hamsters turn into robotic felching?


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