Yeah, that headline is not exactly a shocker. The same could be said for the Democrats. Independents don’t like either. Each party’s fringe is in control. When will we ever get back to politicians that actually represent the middle of the road views of the majority? At this point that seems like asking when will politicians stop being corrupt.

The Republican rank and file is largely in sync with GOP lawmakers in their staunch opposition to efforts by President Obama and Democrats to enact major health-care legislation, but a new Washington Post poll also reveals deep dissatisfaction among GOP voters with the party’s leadership as well as ideological and generational differences that may prove big obstacles to the party’s plans for reclaiming power.
But for all the talk among Republican elected officials about a nascent comeback after gubernatorial victories in Virginia and New Jersey this month, there is also broad frustration among Republican voters about the party’s direction, detachment from its congressional representatives and a schism over its priorities.

Fewer than half of the Republicans and Republican-leaners surveyed by The Washington Post see the party’s leadership as taking the GOP in the “right direction,” down sharply from this time four years ago. About four in 10 are dissatisfied with the policy proposals being offered by congressional Republicans, and similar numbers see the current crop of GOP legislators as out of touch with their problems and personal values. Nearly a third say the Republicans in Congress are not standing up for the party’s core values.

  1. qb says:

    Zombie Reagan raised from the dead to lead GOP.

  2. RSweeney says:

    Yeah… right.

    The Post reporting on Republicans is like David Duke reviewing a Bar Mitzvah.

    Notice that the kind of weasel leader the Post loves, McCain, couldn’t get his own party to vote for him

  3. JimD says:

    Not to worry !!! Repukes and their “Party” are only 22% of the electorate – a tempest in a teacup !!! And they get publicity way out of proportion to their cumulative IQs – Palin being a good example !!!

  4. pedro says:

    Uncle Dave said: “When will we ever get back to politicians that actually represent the middle of the road views of the majority?”

    How old are you? Over 10? Then you won’t be able to see that coming back.

    #19 Actually, you’re the one doing some kind of drug (not precisely crack, mind you)

  5. Mr. Fusion says:

    #44, pedro,

    How’s that goat thing working for you?

  6. Phydeau says:

    #45 Actually Mr Fusion I think he’s practicing his twitter skills here… what he writes is short, irrelevant, and inane. Explains a lot, doesn’t it? :)

  7. Mr. Fusion says:

    #45, snicker, snort, snicker, snicker

    Nothing explains pedro.


  8. Rick Cain says:

    To put it quite bluntly, money has contaminated both parties.

    The result is a government that only is concerned about the promotion of business, with healthy kickbacks to the politicians as a result. No wonder the voter is disillusioned.

  9. Angry says:

    #15 Apparently you secretly love bears….don’t deny it tiger!

  10. Angry says:

    #45 That goat, known as your Mom, apparently is doing well. And your Dad, who likes to watch, has nothing to complain about either. HAR!

  11. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Pedro, are you Angry now?