A television channel dedicated to former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has appeared on Arab satellite networks. Its launch came on the third anniversary, on the Islamic calendar, of the former president’s execution.

It is not clear who is behind the channel which broadcasts the speeches, images and even poetry of Saddam Hussein, backed with patriotic music.

It is broadcast from outside Iraq and some analysts suspect his former political supporters of bankrolling it…

The ‘al-Arab’ channel, dubbed Saddam TV in Iraq first appeared on Bahrain-based Noorsat and Egypt-owned NileSat on Friday and is also streamed on the Internet…

One Baghdad resident told the BBC that the channel has become his favourite even though watching it makes him sad for reminding him of when Iraq was safe. However the BBC’s Natalia Antelava in Baghdad says that many in the city are indifferent to the news of the channel’s launch.

Doesn’t every electron in the world have to answer to Congress?

  1. Rabble Rouser says:

    Next Channel up,
    The “Dick & Bush Channel” for you Dubya and Cheney lovers out there!

  2. JeffL says:

    I would tune in, if they hire the hilarious former Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf. Remember him? “As our leader Saddam Hussein said, ‘God is grilling their stomachs in hell.'”

  3. Mr_Mcfly says:

    the bbc article says it’s being streamed online, can anyone find a link?

  4. Sister Mary Hand Grenade of Quiet Reflection says:

    #3 – Apparently it is pay-per-view.

  5. JimR says:

    The station only broadcasts content recorded on covertly handled cell phones.

  6. soundwash says:



  7. Cursor_ says:

    I want my Saddam TV!

    Call your cable company now and say:

    I Want my Saddam TV!


  8. Buzz says:

    The wit and wisdom of, channel. Nice idea. But it should time-share:

    The Wit and Wisdowm Of Hitler Daily Hour.

    Pol Pot Pop TV.

    Spend Some Time With EZ Amin Show.

    Omar Kadaffi’s Greatest Hits… wait. Been done.

    And yes, #1, The Bush Whacker Show would be Prime Time.

  9. msbpodcast says:

    Yeah, cuz that’ll bring him back from the dead.

    What fools these mortals be.

    Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ghengis Kahn, Vlad Teppish … Even Nixon. They’ve all had their deluded devotees.

  10. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Sure, there are no commercials but how long can a channel last with just music videos? This will never last.” ~ Adam Currie

  11. Rick Cain says:

    We had our own Baghdad Bob in the USA, named Ari Fleischer.


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