CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec 24 (Reuters) – Disgraced financier Bernard Madoff was hospitalized late last week and treated for facial fractures, broken ribs and a collapsed lung, a Raleigh, North Carolina television station reported on its Web site on Thursday. The injuries, the station reported, citing unidentified sources, were consistent with an assault.

Madoff, 71, was treated at Duke University hospital late last week, and was discharged earlier this week, the station reported. But the hospital where Madoff was reportedly treated denied the report. “There’s been no patient at our hospital with that name,” said Debbe Geiger, a Duke University Medical Center spokeswoman. She declined to comment further.

A Federal Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman declined to comment on the report and Madoff’s lawyer was not immediately available for comment. On Wednesday, the prisons bureau confirmed Madoff had been moved to the prison’s medical facility for undisclosed reasons last week.

Probably tried to swindle someone out of their smokes.

  1. Greg Allen says:

    As I was reading this, CNN radio was reporting that this is a false report.

    … even so. I’m against any prisoner being beaten.

  2. Micromike says:

    Too bad it isn’t true. These bastards need to be shown they can’t get away with this kind of crime but, unfortunately, they do and Bernie is probably the only one who will go to prison. I’m sure there are hundreds of criminal scoundrels who should be in there with him and many of those are congressmen.

  3. deowll says:

    Even in the ultimate in locked down police states you still aren’t safe.

  4. cheapdaddy says:

    Isn’t he in one of those country club prisons? Probably the only way he’ll get beaten would be playing chess or tennis.

  5. Faxon says:

    This is just a scam to make everyone feel good this Christmas.

  6. Faxon says:

    And to forget about the criminals in Congress.

  7. hhopper says:

    Whatever happens to Madoff is his own fault.

  8. hhopper says:

    From CBS:

    (CBS) The federal Bureau of Prisons says Bernard Madoff is being treated at a prison medical center for dizziness and hypertension.

    But a local ABC station in North Carolina say the Madoff is being treated for serious injuries consistent with an assault.

    Sources told ABC11 Madoff was treated at Duke hospital in Durham last Friday and discharged earlier this week.

    According to the sources, Madoff came to Duke with facial fractures, broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Prison officials would not confirm that report.

    Prisons spokeswoman Traci Billingsley told the Associated Press that Madoff is being treated at the Federal Medical Center, part of the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in Butner, N.C. He was moved there Friday.

    Billingsley said Thursday that Madoff was not assaulted at the prison.

  9. I hope this is true, it is the only thing I asked for this Xmas.

  10. Canuck says:

    Just so long as Madoff believes he is constantly at risk of being beaten and sodomized, I don’t care if its false.

  11. I thought so, Merry Xxxmas says:

    So if your 10 year old child is found to have stolen gobs of money from classmates at school over the years, and finally turns him or her self in as it’s the right thing to do, you would feel good about a beating in detention.

  12. McCullough says:

    #11. Yeah…I’m pretty much OK with that.

  13. amodedoma says:

    The thing is, if you want to hurt somebody that’s in prison it is neither difficult nor expensive. This guy has made many very powerful enemies. I’m surprised they didn’t off him yet. I guess they want him to suffer first. I couldn’t care less if they busted his teeth out and passed him around as a love toy. I am concerned that his lawyers might try to use this get him moved to a lower security ‘country club’ jail.

  14. nick the rat says:

    its a christmas miracle!

  15. brm says:

    They’re going report this a couple times so that when he’s “killed” in a prison fight it won’t seem weird.

    ‘course he’ll be living it up on a tropical island somewhere.

  16. Greg Allen says:

    >> Canuck said, on December 24th, 2009 at 5:35 pm
    >> Just so long as Madoff believes he is constantly at risk of being beaten and sodomized, I don’t care if its false.

    I hate people’s enthusiasm for barbaric and inhumane treatment of prisoners.

    I DESPISE what Madoff did but I absolutely don’t think the punishment should be rape or beating.

    The fact that so many people think prison rape is funny reveals a deep cruel streak in the American psyche. (and, perhaps the Canadian psyche too?)

  17. Dallas says:

    Hopefully Bubba was gentle.

  18. amodedoma says:

    #16 Greg A

    Don’t be too hard on us freaks that find it funny. Madoff and people like him inspire this because of the way they thumb their noses at the law and usually get off with a slap on the wrists. Violence in jail is nothing new, nobody made a fuss when Juan Suarez got his teeth knocked out and gang raped his second night there on a 3 year sentence for breaking and entering. I got news for ya, the penal system doesn’t reform wayward souls, it just punishes them. This is Madoff’s world now and he earned his place in it.

  19. Mr. Fusion says:


    Violence in jail is nothing new, nobody made a fuss when Juan Suarez got his teeth knocked out and gang raped his second night there on a 3 year sentence for breaking and entering.

    And because someone has already been violently attacked in jail, everyone should? Great justification there Einstein.

  20. b0geyman says:

    Oy vey, they’re trying to start another holocaust. Next those nazis will try to make him into a lampshade just like they did to uncle schlomo!

  21. Len says:

    I have no sympathy for Madoff and none for the rest of the scoundrels who manipulate credit markets and plunder corporate and investor accounts in daily ponzi schemes. Prisons are famous for brutal justice – worldwide, Really evil people don’t last long behind bars – remember Dahmer? But it should comfort the moral that there are still more bloody hands outside prison than within.

    Wall Street has evolved into a cancer on the US and world financial system thanks to Congressmen eager to line their pockets with payola in exchange for deregulation. One of the thieves’ best friends: Phil Gramm. He ranks up there with Abramov, Pitt, and Sununu for damaging this country’s economy. Speaking of banks, did any investigative reporter ever find out who really offed Alfred Herrhausen? Thanks to Wall Street’s many news agencies, FOX and the Wall Street Journal, investigate journalism is now considered a dangerous liberal activity, but just thought there should be some detailed follow-up after 20 years of omerta.


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