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A Nigerian man claiming ties to al-Qaida tried to light a powder aboard a commercial jetliner before it landed Friday in Detroit in what senior U.S. officials called an attempted act of terrorism.

The man had “some kind of incendiary device he tried to ignite” in a bag strapped to his body, U.S. officials told NBC News. Other officials told NBC station WDIV-TV of Detroit that the device was a mixture of powder and liquid, which failed to ignite when the passenger tried to detonate it during the plane’s descent into Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

Two people saw the attempted attack, and a third person jumped on the man and subdued him, an airline official told NBC News. The man was being treated at the burn unit of the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor, officials said.

Federal officials identified the man as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, of Nigeria, who was traveling one way, without a return ticket. Dawn Griffith, who was waiting for her husband on the plane, said she saw the man being carted away on a gurney or bed, with his bandaged hands handcuffed to the railing…

Abdulmutallab told investigators that he wanted to set off a bomb over the United States and claimed to be connected to al-Qaida…

Uh, be careful out there, folks. The loonies are on the loose.

  1. soundwash says:

    Where is the bullshit meter when you need it??

    More BS scripted news from our state sponsored friends in government. the story reported in foreign news is vastly different than what is being reported here.

    seek and ye shall find.
    -the truth.


  2. Timuchin says:

    It’s not the people, it’s the book they go by that condones murder. And I’m not talking about “Das Capital.”

  3. Goracle says:

    what happened to the politically incorrect sand knee-grow comment?

  4. michael says:

    this is very bad am only 13 yrs old and i feel for those who died on 9/11

  5. Oprah says:

    Have u all actually thought about this:What if he was brain washed and asked to do that.I wouldn’t put it past the Muslims and their likes.He might have been told that if he did it,he would be fighting for their god allah!well he claimed someone gave it to him and i think that’s true, Nigeria is a third world country and from what i hear they can’t even make their own electrical appliance talk more of BOMB!he was a U.S citizen and i say he must have been grieved by the happenings and ways in which people are treated.see.this is a way the Arabians are using to side track the U.S Force from focusing much on them.Think twice people!!

  6. James says:

    I think Oprah is right.But Nigeria can’t make their appliances? That’s a laugh!See Arabians are Cunny and trickery and the boy as we all read behaved like someone that was being manipulated,he couldn’t even set off the so called”Explosives” lol.He was sent Knowing he was a naive amateur,and they wanted U.S to focus on Africa.That’s selfish,I think they have something up their sleeves.

  7. Gordon says:

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