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Yup, he’s a credit to his race and just the kind of person I would want fronting my organization trying to improve government.

And then there’s everybody’s favorite Congressional moran, Michelle Bachmann, who once again put her foot in her mouth last summer when she said she and her constituents shouldn’t comply with the upcoming census until she realized that meant she might lose her district and seat. Now she’s a census go-getter!

  1. Yakov Smirnoff says:

    What a country!

  2. Awake says:

    LGF has some great commentary about this.

    What else do you expect from the tea-party membership… after all, it’s membership consists of conspiracy loving, paranoid, racist, anti-science small thinkers that have no new ideas but an unlimited ability to whine.

  3. sargasso says:

    These people are giving tea a bad reputation.

  4. Lou Minatti says:

    He should join the Democratic Party. He’d feel right at home. The DNC appoints unapologetic klansmen who still use the N word to the very top of their ranks.

    So who is this guy? Never heard of him. Davey Doo, are you implying that people who object handing over $700 billion to Wall Street are racists?

  5. Uncle Dave says:

    #4: Certainly not. I object and I’m not a racist.

    No, the people in the movement have a deep feeling that things are going wrong and want to change it. On the other hand, the Teabagger leadership seems to be doing its best to make themselves out as idiots and illiterates with no understanding of the Constitution, laws, etc. Almost as if they are trying to sandbag the movement and were part of some leftist, dirty trick… hmmmm….

  6. Ah_Yea says:

    Hey, Uncle Dave, how is this guy a “leader” of the Teabaggers except that he says so?

    Saying this guy represents the Teabaggers is like saying these people represent the Democratic party.

  7. The0ne says:

    I tell you guys, these Tea Party people are the funniest people ever filmed. The clueless and moronic behaviors are all worth watching and laughing at.

  8. EricPhillips says:

    Michele Bachmann is so nuts, she must be awesome in bed. The freaky ones always are.

  9. eaglescout1998 says:

    I think it is even more laughable how these liberals must resort to calling tea party protesters gay. For those that haven’t figured it out yet, a “tea bagger” is a male homosexual.

    [No… Teabagging is a slang term for the act of a man placing his scrotum in the mouth or on or around the face (including the top of the head) of another person, often in a repeated in-and-out motion. The practice resembles dipping a tea bag into a cup of tea.[ – ed.]

  10. Dennis says:

    Stupidity takes all forms. If they had any type of intelligence, they would know the linguistics of the language they are attempting to use. I would imagine he got the spelling from the ‘Morans’ from previous protests.
    Actually, it seems like a plot to make the ideas the ‘party’ presents out to be idiotic, with propaganda like this to associate the ideas to the idiots. Or should that be spelled ‘idiats’? 😉

  11. PeterR says:

    Morans, all of them.

  12. FRAGaLOT says:

    I don’t get the math on his sign. Do i have to solve for ‘niggar’? is it an integer?

  13. The Warden says:

    Right, because one guy pointed out on a blog that hardly anyone reads is what all “tea baggers” are. But one would expect such foolish logic from Aunt Dave.

  14. Nig That Baby says:

    Ah this is too funny listening to you guys rant. You are the racists. You assume a whole lot that’s not there. You judge and put this guy into a teeny weeny box based on his looks. You think he spelled “nigger” rong. You have no clue you assume so much is twu by first impression you silly wabbits. You blast him for exercising, in this case not pushups as we can see wth that gut, but he routinely exercises free speech. How hypocritical of you. He is honoring those who died defending everyone’s right to spell niggar any way they want. He deserves a medal for that. He’s called the “top teabagger”. More stupidity from the libbers, but hey keep it all coming you flaming bafoons, I get my comedy by watching you all rant. You even are so stupid you use the word “tea” in your babble which refers to the very way the country was founded, Boston Tea Parties Just Saying No To Taxes, etc. yet you babble on your computers like you know something more than our founding Tea Fathers, George Washington to Obama, etc., they’re all teabaggers.

    “Dale Roberson’s academic background includes extended training in theology, as well as excelling in the field of Engineering at Southwest College, San Diego, California. He went on to earn a second degree in Political Science at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.”

  15. honeyman says:

    What is it with people who say you’re racist for calling someone racist. Its the intellectual equivalent of ‘no, you are’.

    I suspect its some sort of lame brain reverse psychology aimed at making racist not racist and not racist racist, so that the racists legitimise their racism by projecting it upon others. Perhaps political correctness is to blame for such cheap shenanigans.

    At least this guy is outwardly racist and not a snivelling coward afraid to speak out like most racists are.

  16. bobbo, the devout evangelical anti-theist says:

    So, when I “teabagged” my girlfriend, I became a homosexual??? My god! I wish I had known.

    Free speech includes stupid speech among its subsets, there is also smart speech, elite speech, Religious Ranting, Bushism, etc. Praising stupid speech as Free Speech is an example of the same.

    I enjoy dumbshits who can’t spell the N word. Had a tenant biker one time who wrote a version of that word on the wall of a new tenant who was of that subset and the new tenant and I made a police report. The biker came over when he saw the group of us together. I told the cop they guy that broke-in and wrote the word was probably a high school dropout or a bum. Cop asked why and I responded because the guy is too stupid to spell “N” correctly. The biker stood there glaring at me totally pissed off but couldn’t say anything. Made me paranoid for a while but luckily the biker kept his ID secret for some reason==or was he the one that slashed my tires??? AHhhhh, the life of a slumlord.

  17. Angry says:

    I think he meant this.

  18. brm says:

    Almost as funny as this:

  19. Cursor_ says:

    The Constant Reminder:

    There is only one race on the planet.

    Amount of melanin does not a race make.

    Come out of the 19th century people.


  20. Dr Dodd says:

    What’s wrong with being a racist?

    Everybody needs a hobby.

  21. Bah Humbug says:

    Another cute word for Dave to throw out there. Jesus, grow up!
    You folks must be Baptists. What a judgmental lot.

  22. Dallas says:

    Never mind the teabaggers, which Urban Dictionary defines as a conservative republican who protests against income taxes by rubbing their nutsacks in each other’s faces.

    They also complain that Obama is Muslim (black); has a Communist regime; not born in America and Jesus was not consulted in the decision making process.

    I’m more amused by Congressional moron, Michelle Bachmann and the Census. This TRULY defines a Republican.

  23. gear says:

    I have brown eyes and my sister has blue eyes so I always assumed were of different races, are you saying we are the same race?

    And my blonde mother? is she the same race as me too?

  24. Oh Brother! says:

    Bobbo, you “teabagged” your girlfriend?

    Dude, if you could do that, your girlfriend isn’t a girl, she’s a guy…

  25. Dr Dodd says:

    Har! The “teabagger” is not the only one that can’t spell.

    Nope, not in the dictionary – so what exactly is a N-word?

  26. GigG says:

    #19 “There is only one race on the planet”

    That will cut down on the backlog at the EEOC.

  27. Mr. Fusion says:

    #25, Dr. Dudd/Patrick,

    Well, it might not be in some pre-1825 dictionaries. Try something a little more modern.

    And yes, I think the word adequately richly describes those who challenge Obama’s birth or the “Constitutionality” of income taxes.

  28. Father says:

    What the shows is the difference between a citizen and a politician.

    A citizen speaks his mind, good, bad, or nonsense.

    A politician chooses words that create the widest and strongest impact.

    Which is more manipulative?

  29. Dr Dodd says:

    #27-Mr Fusssion

    Are you really that stupid?

    Look who I’m asking…

  30. Dallas says:

    More tea bagger entertainment.

    Now they carry guns and dress up like a modern day Festus from Gunsmoke.

    All they need now is to wear white sheets and a pope hat.


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