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  • Is Google a Monopoly?
  • Internet search engine Google Inc is becoming a “giant monopoly” like Microsoft and could face legal action if it does not become more transparent, Germany’s justice minister said. France’s president also wants to tax Google to compensate artists who lose out to digital piracy.

  • Sex Robot Debuts At Porn Show
  • Meet Roxxxy, the world’s first sex robot, unveiled at CES 2010.

  • USB 3.0 Debuts in Laptops
  • New HP and Asus laptops are equipped with USB 3.0. Demonstrations at CES showed it to be far faster than 2.0. Has USB 3.0 arrived?

  • What Was Seen at CES?
  • John recaps CES 2010 with this week’s guests.

  • Qualcomm Chips Powering Smartbooks
  • Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard announced that they are each developing Qualcomm-powered so-called smartbook PCs for release in 2010. They’ll run the Android OS. Do these have a future?

  1. ECA says:

    Google is diving IN.
    Its the shot gun marketing plan.
    SPLATTER at everything and see what HITS and works.

    NONE of the current corps remember HOW this works. The current CORPS, including APPLE. Throw OVER PRICED CRAP at us and expect us to DEAL with it.

    Google is running after all the markets and forcing them to DEAL with it, or MAKE something better.

    GE is STILL more of a monopoly then Google. I wont even mention the M company.

  2. Improbus says:


    I concur … I had to figure that out myself as well and hunt down the new feed. I guess they (Curry & crew) figure if you are smart enough to know what RSS is that you can figure it out on your lonesome.


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